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Have you ever come home from work, close your door behind you, and realize that your life isn’t as fulfilling as you’d like it to be? We are all moving so fast these days, and time seems to have sped up faster that we aren’t able to grab hold of it. As a result, we find ourselves playing catch-up to meeting the goals and aspirations we all dreamt about. Nevertheless, in order for us to actually begin to achieve our goals and aspirations, we must first have a solid foundation and support system. Family should be the construct that facilitate our achievements in life. From the beginning, a large family group were instrumental in building stability, strength, and increased productivity whereby each individual equally benefited. As this world continues to wrestle with whether polygamy/polygyny is appropriate for our day and time, the more unstable the monogamous family structure suffers to keep up with achieving their goals and aspirations.

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By dlawrence78
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