Be ready by researching polyamory & polygamy first! from natashar's blog

It'll save your life mind and soul lol..truly. Because the couple that made me his second wife did not do any research and just assumed they knew what it was and painfully 4 months later, were still dealing with a very insecure, toxic wife with very unstable insecurities with in herself & its taking a nasty toll on me and my poly first husband, daily, and weekly. She's obviously not prepared for this like she pretended to be. 

So prepare prepare prepare. Because thats the key to smoother happiness for everybody. Inner work on one self is the major key here and every relationship. Business or personal. Yup. Proof is in the pudding.

Bye for now.

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May 18 '19
I agree. This is the reason why I'm not in a couple looking for a second wife. I want all women committing to be sure that's what they want before anything starts. :-)
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By natashar
Added Apr 20 '19



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