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What are red flags? Yellow flags? White? Do we create issues that aren’t even there because we are scared? Think about it. Everyone has a goal. A relationship they seek. Is it ok to go into the world blind in this lifestyle? What do people truly need to prepare? Do extended families need to know the plan? What secrets must you keep from the world in order to live a polygamist or polyamorous life? Is everyone on the same page or do some people not know their own page? What is self sabotage? I always question doubts. My own. Those of others. At what point does everyone go forward in the same direction? I agree that communication is everything. I think we all do.

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Sep 21 '18
Very good sweetie. Questions ofnlife best answered by experiences of the soul and heart. Not another experience perceived
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By loveandgratitude
Added Sep 21 '18


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