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 So my husband and I are very new to this and trying to figure out exactly what we want and how to find someone who will fit not only with us but with our family and be able to be confident enough to come and be apart of our relationship even though we have been together for 11 years before her. The more I look into what we want I found that what we are looking for is a polyamorous relationship. Which means all 3 of us in love and in a relationship together. I want the woman to be our best friend, our missing piece, our love. I want her to be able to be in my place and be the "mom/wife" if I have to be away and when I am there we do it all together. I want her to be just as important in my family as I am and I want her and I to both be comfortable with each other that there is no uncomfortable awkwardness between us or no competition. I want her to be working towards the same goals as us and us all be a family. I dont know if we will find what we are looking for but i really hope we do and I dont know if what I'm hoping for is something that will even be appealing to someone. I guess I will hope to just find someone who can start out as a friend and we can let it grow naturally and will hopefully grow into something special and unique. Has anyone had any luck on her or anywhere? Is this the best way to find what we are looking for?


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Apr 3 '18
Good Luck! And Yes a Lot of People Had luck seeking the relationship you are looking for.
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By HimandI253
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