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My first blog post was more lets have some fun.  Who are we?  And what is our life like?

We love to get outside!  We enjoy the indoors too, movies, dinners, games with friends....but when we can we go outside.   We have horses and love to ride them.  We have motor x bikes and love to ride them.  We love dogs...but currently don't have one    We get out and go backpacking and enjoy the exercise and the peaceful places we find out here in the west.  We also go to Yellowstone, Disney, snorkel and play in the Bahamas every year.  We like the Olympic National Park by Seattle.  We love to backpack into the Wind River Range of Wyoming.  We also just hang out and ride mountain bikes on the world famous Slik Rock in Moab.

We are animal lovers too.  But, we realize that we are not we eat meat and the best source of meat, and the most humane way to get that meat, is to hunt it like our ancestors once did.  So, we go hunting and enjoy the woods together each fall when the Aspen trees here in the west turn yellow and the snow dusts the peaks.  We teach the boys...and the girls that will come .... how to care for the meat, take it home, and then make it into soup, roasts, and jerky.   100% natural and the cleanest and most humane source you can find.

She loves to cook, to ride horses, to hunt, travel, catch some sun in the Caribbean,  spend time with her friends, and have fun anyway possible, play cards with the ladies, ya!

We love life!  We have so much fun together.  We want you to come too!  Friends or whomever.  Lets go party in the outdoors!  Then go to dinner....filet mignon at our place

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