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My fiance and I decided about 1 year ago that we have a lot of love to share and that we would love to find a sister wife to find her forever family. We have been searching ever since. We weren't sure where to look at first but finally came across this website. But we just arent having any luck. We've tried many different apps and sites since but still it seems like we may be doing something wrong.

We have so much love to share and would take good care and show much love to our sister wife. We feel like part of us is missing. Does anyone have any advice or success stories they can share with us?

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Feb 7
Patience, Is the best advice, It takes some people a very long time.
Feb 7
Thank you for the advice. This is something our hearts both really want so we are willing to wait. We know that special someone is out there.
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By Gr510
Added Feb 7


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