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I just want to make a blog to share this experience. I feel isolated in my community because I don't know other polygamous families in real life. In my religion, Islam, its allowed. Yet many Muslim friends don't accept it. They look down on it and gossip like thinking things such as "If she was really a good wife, then he would need another wife...Or she must be lazy or not able to please him. These comments really mess up the marriage of any polygamous family.

They are irresponsible to say or think.

Why do people make that choice of being mean over being kind?

It an important question to ponder...

Its like its easy to be sarcastic, hostile and mean but being kind takes effort. IS this really true? I doubt that. Look at yourself when you were a carefree child...Did you really walk around insulting and judging others? If you did then I feel sorry for you.

We know instinctively that being kind is natural yet we don't do it as much as adults anymore.

This is really a tragedy.

Im an introvert for precisely this reason. I would rather be alone and preserve my basic human intuitive sense then mix it up with all the extroverts who compromise their values to appease each others need to belong.

We need introversion in this world....

Introverts in a world thats global and everything can be shared easily would help make things more safe and calm. Let the old broken ways of extroversion die already please!

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By mrandmrslovingk
Added Oct 7


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