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I guess I have a lot to say this morning. I was a Special Agent for Air Force OSI, as well as a Journalist, a DJ, and having lived and worked both in the military and in the private sector for major media. IN the USAF I was in investigations and Intel. I am very concerned about the state of things in the world right now. There is a lot of instability, in the financial markets worldwide. China is increasingly unstable financially and geo-politically. Iran and Israel are increasing tensions. I guess the point I am trying to make is, this is the best time to join up with a family if you are a single woman looking to do so. There is strength in numbers and history has shown that families with more hands and helpers are the ones that survive major economic and wartime issues. It is my opinion that the future is looking bleak as we head into these major issues. I believe it is time to prepare for what is looking like a seriously difficult time for all of us. Most people want to put their heads in the sand and avoid the possibility of world conflict. For us leaders of family units, we cannot put our heads in the sand, we have to face the possibilities, even the inevitability of a major world war and the consequences for our families if this happens. If you are a single woman in this world, especially with children, you must also face these issues and prepare for the worst. For you, this is a good time to plan ahead and join a stable couple, build up your family and make preparations for these possible issues. Strong family units are the ones that will fare better in a world full of conflict and instability.

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By Midwest_Storm
Added Oct 5 '21


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