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First I just want to say I will be uploading more pics soon. 

I am posting this to put my heart and mind out there for everyone asking themselves why polygamy? 

I wanted to talk to you all about this subject and not only the attraction that all of us have regarding it but the whys behind this attraction. 

Polygamy first of all has always been and will always be. It is an everlasting principle. I believe it is the foundation and bedrock for some of the most blessed and happiest families that will ever exist. It is not for everyone but it is for those who have this one element besides a desire for polygamy. The man must be the right man for the job and this is the grand key about this subject. 

In life, if you are like everyone else, at some point we see an example or hear about a new idea or product and either incline to that idea or decline to that idea and are there for against it. Though there are so many nay sayers concerning the subject of polygamy one almost has to avoid mentioning it altogether with almost anyone. The truth is man does not have the high capacity to dictate  how reality should be for everyone. But it seems many desire to play the role of an Almighty God. Or, in other words many have decided to cast their thoughts of judgment as if they are God concerning monogamy and polygamy. But, the truth remains, there is truly only one opinion that will rule the Minds of all, the universe and even worlds with out number unto man, and it his thoughts alone that will produce the fruit and or actions, wishes and dreams concerning ones desires for a polygemous family. This person I am speaking of is God. The idea of polygamy and the success of it has never come from man to BEGIN with. Sure, some men or kings have sought this out selfishly it is true, but the most important thing to realize concerning this idea of polygamy is that the idea never truly came from man to begin with. It came from God. This should bring you and I comfort and security knowing not only that this is only real truth about this subject but peace of mind knowing there is nothing wrong with you and your desires. But why Polygamy? 

In the latter day saints church i know stands the answer. That is, I mean on the grand scale, and or the big picture or on the macrocosm of all things pertaining to this life l mean. Instead of me reciting to you these answers found in the restored gospel may I instead refer you to a latter day scripture that will help you to understand this principle better, even to a perfection. Doctrine and Covenants 132. If you google this you can learn about why polygamy according to the views of an all consuming and over arching and an almighty God which has come to us via true and very real llatter day prophets. 

Sure, we will surely have our own personal views on it and how nice it would be to have a best friend sister wife/co mother of all your children which will come into your family and on an earthly scale and a temporal view, this is true, and can be enjoyable to think on. 

Polygamy i believe will bless the lives of children and families in many fold ways by providing 

1. More support 24/7 even 

2. Less Day Care Bill's which means

3. More Savings and a higher income 

4. More friends, thoughts and conversations and the counsel of our family. 

5. More talents to rejoice in, learn from, and grow together in the family such as art, cooking, and music. 

6. Less Bill's on psychology services 

7. More love between all members of the family

8. More children. (This is a Blessing and the main reason why Polygamy is permitted by God) 

9. More accountability to getting daily tasks done such as work, house chores, bills being paid on time and accountability which is GREAT. 

10. More honor, compassion and love is given to each spouse both from husband to wives, wives to husband and probably the most important and t hr glue behind it all which will hold the family together very well the love between and from wife to wives. 

 I believe Women should want to marry into a polygamist marriage for the comanionship between sisters 100% alon? This is the one component that can never be undermined or overlooked. Jealousy between wives has absolutely no place in a  successful polygamous marriage. None. Nor comparing or jealousy or hatred should ever exist in this kind of a marriage. The tendencies of comparing and jealousy come truly and only from definicies with in the mind and heart. How? What are you really saying? You are probably asking. Well, the truth Is a husband can never fill this void in wifes heart, ever. There is only one who can. This one person is God alone and or Jesus Christ and his precious in other words. Once a polygamist wife has an abundance of love from God through Jesus Christ, The following blessings will surely surely come to pass. 

1. She will know her true value there for does not NEED constant affirming of her value from either a fellow sister wife or her husband. 

2. Is now never alone because she has paid the high price in delighting hersef in diligent prayer so as to come to truly know God , in a VERY REAL WAY, just as prophets of old came to know God personally. There is little difference here in truth believe it or not. 

3. She also Now has Gods love surrounding her in every fiber of her being and she now feels 100% loved and beautiful by God FIRST, and in every way so that she never feels the need to compare herself with another wife as to question if she is good enough. She is unique in her own way and knows she is loved. 

5. She no longer roominates and broods about whether she is the favorite wife or not. This type of negative narcissistic and selfish thinking is also truly destrucive thinking has now left their family all together there by creating more peace, love, acceptance and tranquility. She has now become a blessing and not a burden in this matter to her family because once again she know her worth with or with out affirmation in truth. 

Selfishness is the root of so many problems with in a polygamous family. Also, not having the kind of structure that ensures that each wife is being treated as a dear and a highly valued friend and wife apposed to a disposable concubine. 

If a man has a wife and marrys another he must ensure she is being completely equal generally along side with the first wife. Any less treatment is in a way making a new wife into a concubine in some ways. If equal time isn't given, and equal respect, and structure such as a booked calander that is adhered to the question that would be left with the new NAMED wife is are you alright being treated like a concubine instead? I am happy to say I truly believe most of you reading this have a good enough head on your shoulders to know how to rightly treat a new addition of a wife to your family. I wrote this for those of you who may struggle to understand that there is a huge difference in how a man should treat two wives compared to a wife and a concubine. 

The truth is, for the right man, this life style can be lived in righteousness. 

 I hope you all find what you Feel God has truly put on your heart concerning this subject. 

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