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I only do a search about once a week, probably less as people close to me do not often join.  I more often just read the profiles of people who have either looked at my profile, contacted me or in some cases, I have seen somewhere else on the site and my curiosity is piqued because it is a nice or curious picture.  

Very rarely do I contact those people and if I do, it's most often a question about their profile. 

Maybe a polite question could be unwanted, IDK, but I had a lovely reply from someone today and I felt a little stupid for not understanding her reference because it was quite simple,but you know, cultural differences are funny.

So, anyway I saw a profile on my dashboard today I have seen before, I am not sure why it is on there again because I am not what they are looking for and they are certainly not what I am looking for either though we have never contacted each other so I figured when you are not interested, why would you keep looking at their profile?  Weird.

Maybe I missed something?  I think, maybe there is a cool update?  I click on it to see

'This user has chosen not to interact with you'

What the dickens?  I have NEVER interacted with said user, are they preempting my non question?  Are they blocking me in the hopes that I will never email them? What is the point of blocking someone who has literally zero interest in you?  These couples are SO entitled they must think that they are irresistible to all single women and they need to be careful just in case their future rejection is not taken kindly.

Oh good grief......

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By Polywifen
Added Dec 4 '22



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