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Hi... I'm looking for wife's in the Technology or related fields. I have one concubine and wife now.. She great at cooking and much more... I need someone who is great with computers, or has many gifts and talents. Visit or I want a big family. I am destine to be wealthy and give back to the poor communities no matter the color or race... I make music and was told spiritual that I would be the most successful man on the planet. Looking for woman connected to the fashion and music industry also.. Help me grow as a gentlemen. Only my wife's can be my mangers. I must say i have a big problem with homosexuality. But I do believe people change for the best. I am with Christ Truly. I have many brands many businesses and things to do with my wives. I am the ultramarine businesses entrepreneur and need connections from woman(My Wives) and friends. I was spiritually told i would have many wives and I have many things for them the future willing.... Websites to come... and much more (at lease 365)

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Jun 7 '17
Jun 7 '17
Yeah LOL
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By nev_11213
Added Jun 7 '17


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