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Hello everyone,I have been on this website for nearly a year and have met some interesting couples off this site that I prefer to forget I ever met and between those and lots of dry-spells I can't really catch a break at all,To be fair isn't that most internet dating now a-days ? 

I am looking for a single non religious man whose never been married or has kids and I keep running into the same problem here and in real life,the guys that stay there single on their page on here after talking finally say they are taken or have kids.

After meeting some of these couples I came to the realization polygamy is not for me anymore,so I changed my focus.

There are also hardly any guys close to my age on this site,the only guys that come my way are ones old enough to be my grand-dad or in other countries which is a no go for me.

What can I do to better my chances of finding a quality partner ? 

Thank you for listening to my mini rant!!! 


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