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Hey everyone,

I would like to write this one time, and be done with it..

Lets start off with who am I?

My wife and I have worked in the Aerospace/Defense Industry for the last 11 years.
We have currently left our jobs because of inside information that was rather disturbing, and we feel its only right for everyone to know about it..

So I am here to tell everyone what I personally know is going to be happening to our country very soon..

This whole covid19 ordeal was a "Live exercise" for what?
to gauge the people to see if anyone would stand up for their Civil Rights, and because nobody has, this next lockdow,n you will be locked-down permanently and the government will be coming door to door under Operation House to House to vaccinate you.

I have seen the medical documentation on this vaccine and I would urge you all if you're believers in Jesus Christ to NOT take this vaccine.

Your economy and your jobs have been destroyed to save you from a boogy man virus, when in all actuality its been used as a cover to seize your Constitutional Rights.

I have sources that work for the Pentagon and that are employed in FEMA and they have told me to relocate my family now before this "2nd Wave" hits this Fall.

This Fall is when EVERYTHING will change,

These sources do not know each other and they are all saying ruffly the same things and that is,

1) Mandatory Vaccinations

2) A Comet Cluster is going to devastate the USA this Fall.

3) We are going to be attacked by Russia/China with a EMP.

Where do I begin..

Lets start with the Comet Cluster, it is expected to impact the earth in 2-3 months and they said, by Sept-Nov
everyone in the country "will look up, and see there is a big problem" I was told they are expecting at that time riots and the roads to be flooded, and I needed to be relocated before that or I am stuck..

The forced vaccinations... Goodness.. If you are a REAL Christian then believe me when I say this!
DO NOT TAKE THAT VACCINE, it will Rewrite your DNA from being the creature Jesus Christ made you as, and you will no longer be human in His eyes.

C - 3

O - 15

R - 18

O - 15

N - 14

A - 1

Corona is 6 letters long..

C is the 3rd letter in the alphabet, right???

O is the 15th letter, right? (and so on..)

So Corona is 6.

Add all the other letters up and you get 66

That equals 666 the mark of the beast.

I would highly urge you to stop believing that a Mask is for your protection its really a symbol as a muzzle.. but that is not important, what is important is everyone of you to know what is coming and your blood is on your own hands and not mine..

If the moderator does not approve this, then the blood is on their hands per Christ and the Watchtower Parable, so I am not here to panic or stress, and or fear monger people.. But you seriously all need to wake the hell up and see what time and season we are in...

There is NO going back, when the American people decided to NOT stand up for the US.Constitution, when all those in office breached their Oaths, you gave them the Green-Light to push the final agenda forwards.

Now you will see vaccinations come out optionally then you will have it become mandatory and you will not be allowed to drive, fly, work, go to a store until you show vaccination proof..

What can you do now??

- Get your life, and household in order with the Lord Jesus Christ
- You can use your money now and get things you won't be able to acquire later.

- Relocate if you want too.

- WARN OTHERS, Blame me, but seriously I am not joking with anyone on any of this..

- PRAYYYY because Donald Trump has turned his back on the Lord Jesus Christ and has taken the Devil up on his offers... the classified info I have on that is disturbing and I do not feel like being murdered the way a brother was for almost releasing that info.. But seriously Pray and get ready for the fight of your lives because its coming.. This Fall!

peace be with you all.

I am deleting my profile FRI so copy this info before its to late.

- Go pray to the Lord Jesus Christ and He will confirm this information is the TRUTH.

We have been on this site for two years now.

We have met a few potentials in person and talked to many others on here, and done a lot of video chats.

We have found that a lot of people are here for unspoken reasons.. in our opinion, for the wrong reasons.

We are not judging anyone we are just posting our experiance with this site.

This site is not responsible for the people it attracts, to make that clear.

But if you're looking for a real fit for your family you should take time to make sure its 100% or your in a world of hurt.

So many just want to escape their current living situtations or join a existing family because of their poor choices.

Ultimately its up to you, what you want..

Don't compromise on your views because if you do, you will lose in the end.

We have a newborn and nothing matters more than God first and second our home..

But to help couples, we would stress, be a unit and Vet everyone you talk too.

Don't rush into anything because your family will pay the price.

If your certain this lifestyle is for you, what's wrong with taking your time? You have everything to gain, but also evrrything to lose if your man, lays with this new addition and she becomes his wife.. If she leaves, say hello to 18 years of child support your man is liable for. 

In otherwords, be aware of the wolves wrapped in sheepskin.

If your not careful you could invite the devil in your home, with your children and your responsible in the Lord's eyes for those children He loaned you! So be wise and not foolish.

If your a believer of the Word of God, seek the Lord.

You know, scripture teaches us, the Lord BROUGHT Adam his wife.. Adam did not go looking, and that is something why we stopped 'looking' and if He brings another He does. If not, let it fall at the wayside and stay focused on the Lord.

We are guilty of making a mess and then wanting the Lord to sort and fix it. Bless Him for fixing it for us all, but we should learn and grow, not remain like babies, but mature like adults do.

We learn a lot from Solmon who the Lord said, Do not take women from these tribes.

In otherwords, do not take a women from another faith outside the Lord, for she WILL turn his, yours, and your children's hearts from the Lord.


Look for good characteristics..

How she dresses speaks volumes of character.

A lady is not a women because she is a women.

Just like the Virtues Wife is a true real lady!

Dressing in provocative ways shows many things.

But scripture says, we should not put stumbling blocks infront of our brothers or sisters.

What is she politically?

Are you a Conservative and she a Liberal?

Your in for conflict.. or if your Liberal and she is Conservative your looking at the wrong "tribe".

We believe the Lord holds high regard for the home and it must be a well organised unit, not full of chaos...

We deal with enough chaos already, why bring it into your home?

I am not saying this to stop anyone from doing what their God given rights are to do. But instead putting some advice out there for couples or singles to consider and decide together how they want to proceede. 

Its good to have a good family dynamic and system in place.

So when you finally find the 'Right' one for you, she isn't thinking you people are crazy lol.

Also get a good list of important topics that could or are deal breakers, you will save yourself so much time.

Instead of not having that, you or your other says or does something that person is not for and there is a conflict.

I remember the first lady we had over, I was talking to her about politics and beliefs and we got into a debate over the LGBT topic and I refuse to have a wife that supports such a Abomination, but she didn't see it that way.

I want to teach the children the Lord loaned me, that the Rainbow is a sacred covenant the Lord made with the world.

Not, its about gay and lesbian rights.

See the conflict there??

Sure I could have compromised on God, but I am not that way, im stubborn and I won't have a wife that teaches any of my children the opposite of what I want.

A house that is divided will surely fall, and a house that stands together will not.

The Word of God is pure truth and those who do not agree will find the truth out for themselves the easy or hard way, in this life or the next to come.


Wrapping this up and hopping off..

We hope that this helps you couples who are looking tirelessly and helps you.. for we wish someone helped us when we were 'new' to this lifestyle and the search.

May the Lord of Hosts guide us all, and give us open ears and eyes that truly see.

Peace be with you all.



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