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The first battle scene occurs mid day.  In our production Thadeus is a blackened armored night who is accompanied by barbaric hordes and dark knights.  What strikes terror into the soul is the eternal darkness that follows him and his horde, blotting out the sun.  Having been in combat and understanding the actual terrors of war, I suggested we give the full emotional impact of what really occurs in battle.  So we have totally uncensored footage of the barbarism of hand to hand combat, and using modern hardware, a very realistic war occurs between good and evil.

My work is designed to give an emotional impact and as such the music is key.  "The Advance of Evil" is a four minute piece that stresses the feel of the moment as "Thadeus" is viewed from a hill top behind the menacing horde standing in blackened armor, with dark storm clouds behind him, the full feel of intensity as the first openings of battle occur can be felt.  The black clouds and darkening of the sun is what eludes the player to the fact this is no ordinary evil that stands before them, but something sinister and evil, beyond the natural is in the air.

During the design of Heroes and Legends our team discussed a simple good and evil plot.  We decided to create a evil knight who is named "Thadeus".  The event that caused him to become evil the player does not find out until mid game when "Thadeus" dreams.  We move to a cut scene in which one discovers the horror that turned him to such immense evil and causes the calamities he decides to bring on the world.

What we needed to get the emotional impact of the horror was a music piece that was different from most.  So, the piece I posted today, "Thadeus Nightmare" is what decided on.  The piano is natural, sad and has that tone of a horror dream.  Very moving, mysterious, depressing and as you watch the cut scene, we believe will trigger the emotional impact of what he had to witness.



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