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My husband and I have spent our lives separate and together giving our all to make a difference in the world even if it’s only one person. We have a strong foundation and I will bet everything I own you would think I hit the lotto with my husband. We have been on our search for two years and we have so so many people waste our time, catfish us, and play awful games with my emotions. Our daughter followed our career path and is moving into her own place in 2 weeks and has her first meaningful job following our path. All we want is to share our love compassion and life with the right woman. Yes, SHOCKER I am Bi and have been my whole life so this is not a religious thing it’s a personal (couple personals) choice. I wanted to share this individual in private conversations but I slept on it and we are who we are so I see no harm in giving basics. We are looking for a perm 3rd in our marriage. I am type A high strung very dominant and no not in a bad way, he is type I don’t even know and would leave in his underwear with two different socks if I didn’t stop him. Grew up in the system and he loves purely and genuinely and wants nothing more than to give back. I am on a pedastool that no one can reach me on and I have him to thank for that. We are looking to live as one big happy family cuddles and snuggles for movie night at home, someone for me to cook with (his nickname is sparky so it’s just me and you girl lol), some to shop and do nails and toes and hair with, BUT here is the twist we will expect completely separate sexual relationships for bonding and privacy and in our experience it really helps eliminating jealously.
Can anyone relate to the struggle????

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By Smarty43
Added May 21 '20



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