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LifeInCostaRica Apr 23 '17

Here are 3 Tips I KNOW will Increase Your Chance of finding the Match YOU Desire!

Some of these tips may seem common sense, however, I realize that finding a person on the internet may be new and foreign to many people.

Because of my experience with internet marketing, I see things in a much different light. I hope these TIPS will be helpful.

#1 Add plenty of pictures to your profile.

This may seem like a no brainer, but I see many profiles that have only one picture. 

Add many pictures and NOT just your BEST photos. Be real and share real pictures. Fun pictures, picture of the things you like and enjoy. i.e. pets, sunsets, things that inspire you.

Think about sharing pictures as if your potential sister-wife or family is spending the day with you.

At different times during the day, you wouldn’t look your best, but you would be sharing what you like and they would see the WHOLE you. They would NOT see you ONLY from the neck up.

Pictures are the Best way to share who you are and how you experience life.

#2 Write out a detailed but NOT too long section for your “About Me” section.

This part is the first impression and is NOT what you are looking for in a family or sister-wife. This is all about who YOU ARE as a person or couple.

#2a The “Lifestyle” section is a great place to be more detailed about who you are, likes and dislikes. For couples…it a place to help the potential sister-wife understand the lifestyle you are currently experiencing. For singles…or the Sister-wife, it’s a great place to help others know what type of lifestyle you enjoy and would like to continue enjoying.

#2b The “About My Match” is the place to talk about what you are looking for in a couple, or a sister-wife. BE CAREFUL HERE…you don’t want to list out a ton of rules and requirements. However, if you have any deal-breakers where you KNOW you could NOT tolerate something…it’s good to put that here in order to keep from wasting their time or yours.

Remember, sometimes you or your potential sister-wife may not fully know what you would enjoy until you’ve had a chance to experience or talk out things during the courtship phase. Don’t box yourself in…Be OPEN to new possiblities.

#3 MOST IMPORTANT: Be active. Don’t complain that you haven’t found your match if you are not active. That would be like saying…I’m still hungry, yet you never get up from the couch to find food in the fridge.

If you are serious about finding your match, then you need to be active on the site. Meet people by sending friend request. Don’t wait for someone to contact you…if you see a couple or a Sister-wife who seems interesting, then contact them.

#3a Update your Newsfeed. Let people know what’s happening, how you are feeling and share your life. It’s a great way for people to get to know the real you.

If you follow these three simple TIPS…I have NO DOUBT you will find your match and begin enjoying the wonderful life a Poly Relationship brings.

robynk Apr 23 '17
Thank you for the post these are all very good ideas and very important and I couldn't agree more. Very well said
jimstef0822 Nov 24 '17
Those are great points! Thank you for sharing this! Very helpful!
tcd Dec 26 '17
Thank you for sharing your knowledge, it has helped us tremendously.

Lionheat330 Oct 3 '18

Thank you for the helpful post.


DakotaRT Oct 8 '18
Thank you
Fourgen Jun 15
Great points, thanks for posting.
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