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Sooner86 Apr 29 '18
Curious if anyone is having success with finding someone? 

Are you finding that many of the women do not respond to messages or friend request?

My situation is a bit unique but I still think I am at the right place to search for what I am looking for.

robynk Apr 29 '18
Sometimes this takes a while. A long while. But if your patient it will be worth it in the end.
Sooner86 May 1 '18
A long time!!! That is discouraging! 

donq2 May 9 '18
We have talked to a bunch of people and never nothing has come from it, we text back and forth and then it dies off. Seems like there a ton of couples here and we are looking for that sister wife, our problem i think is that we live in Michigan and not that many people are wanting to relocated to this state.

but don't give up, you never know when the right one will come alone.

Sooner86 May 9 '18
You are right, the number of couples here does far exceed the number of active single females!! Also, far too many inactive members to have to weed through.

AB6280 May 9 '18
We had have the same issue, not too much contact, but honestly the ones we contacted allowed us to learn something new about ourselves, and about the way we approach things. Some ladies are here but are terrified and they just want to test the water, so they get scared and don't respond, some are not really buying the idea of a sisterwife so they pretend for a bit then when they see the husband is solid in his first marriage they flake out...some are looking for a couple to save them from their own lives and that is the worse kind.  You have to be a whole person before you join a couple.  

I feel what every is saying is true, patience and the right one will come along.  

donq2 Aug 11 '18
That is true you have to be comfortable and love yourself before you can love another or even two people, but also think that if you start a conversion with a couple and you find yourself not interested just be honest and say hey thank you but, not just don't answer or worse yet lead them on.

look at the show searching for a sister wife wonderful couple and they put in a lot time and effort to a lady and she didn't even get on the plane to meet them. it is very scary when your one person getting involved with a couple that is already married and has a life.

but you have to want this to do this, and yes you have to be very slow and easy and patience and honest with yourself that this is for you.

Swords17 Aug 12 '18
We are having a lot of the same issues and it is very frustrating. Paying for this website and spending the time to read a profile then deciding to message someone .... only to end up finding out that the last time they were actually on here was a year or 2 ago. There are way too many inactive profiles on here and I dont even know if the single ones can even respond if they are not paying for this website so if that is the case then what good is it to even send a message if they cant respond and most dont even look at them. 
robynk Aug 15 '18
You have to remember that this life takes time sometimes alot, And these women get bombarded with messages its hard for them to answer all of them. Have patience there are alot of members that meet on here. stay strong in your searches it will happen when its the right time. 
ParadiseRanch Aug 16 '18
My experience with this website is it borders on being scamish, as in they know they don't produce the single woman basis, so old profiles are kept online.  Do a search of single women right now, and you will scarcely find 20-30ish that are current, of those several have messaged us, once or twice and only when our membership was almost up, or was expired, then when you buy the membership back to answer their message, they literally never respond.

I have flagged 2 single, woman profiles on here, that have photos from a BOT that texted me photos that are on this site and another poly site, for a combined total of 4 profiles, 4 different locations, yet they keep these profiles up.

I have had much better success just using normal monogamy dating sites and just describing in detail what we are looking for.  The single woman that aren't looking for poly on these sites have been very nice and courteous if they aren't interested and we have several that are interested.

My experience and opinion.

donq2 Aug 28 '18
All sites are about the same in my opinion, i live in Michigan and a lot of times the wife and i will bring it up at parties if we feel comfortable but not a lot of women in my area  have these feelings or even want to talk about it. Granted we are an older couple and that could have something to do with it we always say age is just a number.

has anyone had any luck so far these few months would love to here those stories.

Don & Dawn

ParadiseRanch Sep 4 '18
I just had a SW that literally has messaged us once a month for 2 months and nothing for about 3 weeks then just messaged us, this weekend....she stated each time, that she was interested in us....yet, only messaged once a month for 2-3months, LOL.  Its a joke.

These SingleWomen are either not interested, just on here to boost their ego's or something,I don't know.  I don't understand why they even bother...........or they are BOT's or its the website's own made up profiles to sort keep you interested and on the hook for the monthly fee.

My opinion.

robynk Sep 24 '18
Thanks for posting your thoughts and concerns, as I read this I am hearing alot of what you are feeling. Let me add that we moniter accounts as needed including single women accounts. We do verify accounts if your having an issue with what you think is a bot it would be great if you could Inform us of such so we can look Into this. We do not have "bots" on this site as we strive to keep the site spam free. However if you are experiencing someone you believe is please message us and we can look into this. We can't help you if you dont let us know we strive to have a positive experience and I know it takes a while. Most other sites have many fake people on them and when and if we find them here they are removed. You have to also remember that when women get online there are so many couples messaging them it gets overwhelming for them. We are the owners we are here all of the time working there are so many girls that message us that we don't respond to because we're working here. We built this site when there wasn't another poly site as a side project, we have casted many shows dealing with poly and I'll be the first to tell you if there is someone here with the wrong intentions or a bot they are or will be removed from the platform. If you have any issues please don't hesitate to message us. We want you all to succeed in a match
Lionheat330 Oct 3 '18
I just signed up today. Looks as if a majority of profiles here are couples. I'm sure the women who come here alone are getting flooded with tacky roses and diamond gifts. lol
DakotaRT Oct 15 '18

Quote from Sooner86 You are right, the number of couples here does far exceed the number of active single females!! Also, far too many inactive members to have to weed through.

I agree. 
DakotaRT Oct 15 '18

Quote from Lionheat330 I just signed up today. Looks as if a majority of profiles here are couples. I'm sure the women who come here alone are getting flooded with tacky roses and diamond gifts. lol
azcpl Mar 13 '19
We enjoy the site, and a place to search for our sister, partner, companion, wife and soulmate. 

However, we are a little suspicious and bewildered. when we first joined this site we received at least 4 chat requests from those who seamed interested, so we made the financial commitment and responded to the 4 original chat requests, and reached out to several others who implied that they were actually interested in this lifestyle.

what we received back . . . .nothing? that's a little strange but patience is all that is expected of us.

So, we're curious. We would find comfort from anyone who has actually had any form of success or response from a serious sisterwife on this site.

We came in honesty and with a serious inquiry to find our mate, provide a loving home and secure loving family 

Noblequest Mar 14 '19
I won't remark on the effectiveness of this site specifically but I can tell you that we met our second wife of five years who recently birthed our first child on a different and now defunct site as well as a woman who was nearly another wife all the way up to relocation before some difficulties arose also on that same site. So it can happen, it does happen...will it happen for you? Not a clue. Realistically the chances are very likely not better than a coin flip at the very best.<p style="margin:0;">I do see the same thing that everyone is complaining about and will point out that a tonne of these women are very young and frankly will have no real idea what it is that they really want out of life and will frequently simply be exploring options. That combined with a huge number of couples...many of whom are coming across a really "thirsty" and occasionally flat out desperate means that a bunch will simply never respond. You can not get emotionally invested in any pretty face and nice sounding profile until you have had a good amount of communication and even then you will find Many stories of families getting ghosted. </p><p style="margin:0;"><br />
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northwoodsbear Mar 16 '19
I fully expect most poly couples not to have success; for many reasons. But the real question is, are there ANY who do find a sisterwife here? Is the site successful or just trading on hope?
Noblequest Apr 16 '19
Ditto re talking and then rudely just never responding. As i mentioned before in this thread,  many are very young and that can also frequently translate to not being particularly considerate of others. I would get blowing off people who are being creepy or if upon being told that the girl is not into them failing to back off etc but we get it from about half of the woman who will contact us and we are expressly here for networking/friends in the community and not currently seeking. I imagine that is really frustrating for the families who are looking for a new wife. 
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