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From2to3 Mar 13
We are brand new to this site. So far, we love it. Most of the issues I have seen described above can be avoided with simple filters. Of course I would have no way of knowing if those are new or not, but glad they are in place. (At least on  the site) I do have a few questions though. 

First, why is there no options to describe sexuality? I understand that there are strong religious connotations to polygamy, many of which do nott prescribe to same gender "interactions", however, wouldn't this lesson the individual bombardment woman face and in general save everyone time? 

Also, considering that we found this site accidentally, can anything be done about advertising?  two parts here (and this may make me unpopular) but calling it sisterwives may frighten many away in general and also push the more liberal minded women away. Why not focus on the poly aspect on the site? Why keep word usage that calls to mind a specific belief system? If you Go on dating sites like plenty of fish, there are thousands of couples and plenty of women who are Bi,pan or Demi sexual and looking too meet couples or groups and despite this no other dating site has (really) bothered to tap the poly relationship pool potential. This puts this app and website in a unique position to corner that market and more importantly, help those of us in the community, find love. 

Second part, what would help this site advertise? We found this accidentally, what can the community do to spread the word? and I do believe the comminty would help as we have nothing to lose and everthing to gain.

 finally please forgiveThe numerous grammatical and spelling errors, I am posting from my cell and this webpage is constantly changing words, letters and even adding both, randomly as I type, lol.

azcpl Mar 13
We enjoy the site, and a place to search for our sister, partner, companion, wife and soulmate. 

However, we are a little suspicious and bewildered. when we first joined this site we received at least 4 chat requests from those who seamed interested, so we made the financial commitment and responded to the 4 original chat requests, and reached out to several others who implied that they were actually interested in this lifestyle.

what we received back . . . .nothing? that's a little strange but patience is all that is expected of us.

So, we're curious. We would find comfort from anyone who has actually had any form of success or response from a serious sisterwife on this site.

We came in honesty and with a serious inquiry to find our mate, provide a loving home and secure loving family 

Noblequest Mar 14
I won't remark on the effectiveness of this site specifically but I can tell you that we met our second wife of five years who recently birthed our first child on a different and now defunct site as well as a woman who was nearly another wife all the way up to relocation before some difficulties arose also on that same site. So it can happen, it does happen...will it happen for you? Not a clue. Realistically the chances are very likely not better than a coin flip at the very best.<p style="margin:0;">I do see the same thing that everyone is complaining about and will point out that a tonne of these women are very young and frankly will have no real idea what it is that they really want out of life and will frequently simply be exploring options. That combined with a huge number of couples...many of whom are coming across a really "thirsty" and occasionally flat out desperate means that a bunch will simply never respond. You can not get emotionally invested in any pretty face and nice sounding profile until you have had a good amount of communication and even then you will find Many stories of families getting ghosted. </p><p style="margin:0;"><br />
The Forum post is edited by Noblequest Mar 14
I fully expect most poly couples not to have success; for many reasons. But the real question is, are there ANY who do find a sisterwife here? Is the site successful or just trading on hope?
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