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Noblequest Mar 14
I won't remark on the effectiveness of this site specifically but I can tell you that we met our second wife of five years who recently birthed our first child on a different and now defunct site as well as a woman who was nearly another wife all the way up to relocation before some difficulties arose also on that same site. So it can happen, it does happen...will it happen for you? Not a clue. Realistically the chances are very likely not better than a coin flip at the very best.<p style="margin:0;">I do see the same thing that everyone is complaining about and will point out that a tonne of these women are very young and frankly will have no real idea what it is that they really want out of life and will frequently simply be exploring options. That combined with a huge number of couples...many of whom are coming across a really "thirsty" and occasionally flat out desperate means that a bunch will simply never respond. You can not get emotionally invested in any pretty face and nice sounding profile until you have had a good amount of communication and even then you will find Many stories of families getting ghosted. </p><p style="margin:0;"><br />
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I fully expect most poly couples not to have success; for many reasons. But the real question is, are there ANY who do find a sisterwife here? Is the site successful or just trading on hope?
Noblequest Apr 16
Ditto re talking and then rudely just never responding. As i mentioned before in this thread,  many are very young and that can also frequently translate to not being particularly considerate of others. I would get blowing off people who are being creepy or if upon being told that the girl is not into them failing to back off etc but we get it from about half of the woman who will contact us and we are expressly here for networking/friends in the community and not currently seeking. I imagine that is really frustrating for the families who are looking for a new wife. 
My experience as an older single female is that there are certainly a lot of couples on the site. I too have messaged couples only to not get a response at all.  So, it seems that the issue of no response is on both sides couples and us singles.

So far since joining the site for the first time in February, the experience has been a good one.  The first day on the site I was messaged by several couples and began talking to one couple right away.  They were looking for something I was not comfortable with as I am not Bi-sexual.  The 2nd couple, was much more promising and the 1st wife and I quickly connected.  I was so excited and happy.  We met in person and that day I deleted my profile here. Unfortunately, our differences in Faith and everyday beliefs were just too different for the relationship to continue.   It truly cut like a knife when things ended.

This is my 2nd time on the site.  I'm not giving up.

Noblequest Jul 4
In re not giving up I would say that you have the right attitude, this being a marathon rather than a sprint so to speak. I under stand all too well the painful nature of the disappointment you expressed. This is why in my posts I will council people not to get too emotionally invested too fast as the breakups and near misses with this sort of search can be all the tougher based upon the number of people involved. 

Good luck finding your forever family. It certainly can be a challenge but it can happen. 

cwc419 Jul 5

This dating site is proportionately no different than any other monogamy site in as far as insincere people. Polygamy relationships are not as common but still hold the same level of people that are just curious and basically bored.

However, within that there are some who do venture into a more stable type of relationship building but yet there are still differences between how monogamy relationships and polygamy relationships develop.

For the most part people who mutually attempt a monogamy relationship have a desired goal of combining lives of both individuals. Family, friends, homes, life, there is a real desire to bring it all together. And if love becomes involved then the willingness to forsake all others is the journey they two take together.

But, polygamy relationships seem to not hold the same desire. An already established family, the two has become one, reaches a level that they would like to include another and so they look for the same commitment of a single joining the family as one. What I have found out is that most of the stronger attempts at building a plural family is the ever present idea of individualism on the part of the single person coming in. Especially, older singles, they seem to want the plural relationship but yet they want to keep their individual life just as intact and create an ever present separation in the family. Most complete relationships that reach the state of wanting another to join can not lose their oneness at the expense of the individualism that a single person is not willing to let go, and so it causes division.

To me, desire creates the relationship, monogamy or polygamy, the level of desire creates the momentum to let a new relationship develop. Individualism is the negative force against it. No true family sees themselves as individuals, monogamy or polygamy.

Mark 10:8 and the two will become one flesh.' So they are no longer two, but one flesh

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