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Gr510 Feb 7 '19
My fiance and I decided about 1 year ago that we have a lot of love to share and that we would love to find a sister wife to find her forever family. We have been searching ever since. We weren't sure where to look at first but finally came across this website. But we just arent having any luck. We've tried many different apps and sites since but still it seems like we may be doing something wrong.

We have so much love to share and would take good care and show much love to our sister wife. We feel like part of us is missing. Does anyone have any advice or success stories they can share with us?

donb Feb 15 '19
Hello. My name is Don. A year can seem like a long time. I understand your frustration. It's been ten years for my wife and I. We tired different apps, websites, and good old fashion "boots on the ground". The reasons for failure are large in number. Many potential partners either didn't want to move, were just simply "curious" and not truly interested, or they decided after awhile that their goals in life didn't fit ours. And of course it doesn't make anything easier when you think of all the close minded people out there waiting for an opportunity to judge you, your wives, your children, etc. It takes a lot of courage, strength, conviction, and of course patience to pursue this life style. Many don't have what it takes. Still all things considered my wife and I are still here. We both TRULY believe that GOD will send us who we need and not so much who we may want. So hang in there!
Gr510 Feb 16 '19
Thank you for responding. Its been very hard and its good to hear some encouragement.
Gr510 Feb 21 '19
Same issues here. Many girls willing to join our family but wont want to be intimate with us both. Were look for it to be more of a triad relationship. I don't have many suggestions because we've been looking for over 6 months with not much luck. We found a girl on here recently though that we have our fingers crossed with. Even at this point id be fine with her just being with hubby to have that companionship and a best friend.
cnystrom Apr 22 '19
Gr510 - "Many girls willing to join our family but wont want to be intimate with us both." - That is funny. I am looking for the opposite, but instead seem to run into the bi-sexuals. Strange.

Best of luck finding what you are looking for.

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