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pesky Aug 31 '21

I am not having luck finding a couple or group to join.  Therefore I am considering starting my own family.   

I am 45, female and not bi.   I want a bigger family.

one or 2 sister wives and a man hopefully, to create new beginnings.

pesky Aug 31 '21

I am 45 years old.  I am what you might refer to as a big girl or in polite terms and in not so polite ones, fat.

I have been poly before.   So i know what i want.  I will not rush anything.  If you think, after one conversation i will move in, then im am afriad you are mistaken.

I knows the girls have to connect as friends.  So my priorty is to speak to the girls and know they know what they are getting into and accept me as a possible.

I do not care what anyone looks like.   I prefer people do not smoke, or do drugs.

I think i am a bit bore and a homebody.   However, I am also well travelled.  I enjoy seeing and exploring new places.  I do not like clubing or going to the pub.  Possibly because I have never been drunk and do not want to be.

I apreacate that in a new family, we will all need some space of their own.  I think this is important.  I believe in sharing.  However, i know i need time away sometimes.

I need time that is just with the girls, but im not bi.  I also need time alone with the man of the household.  Plus time when we are together. 

i like high tea, or the spa.  I enjoy backgammon.   I love life.  Little things make me very happy.

I can move pretty much anywhere, but have you considered coming to the uk?

I have no debts and do not need to be bailed out of trouble.  I am currently a student and so tied here for another 2 years.

Education wise, i have a degree.  I used to teach.

any questions feel free
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