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sadiahh Nov 8 '17

I feel that couples on this site should also friend each other and connect. We can communicate and feel as a community should. I am not sure how the other couples feel, but I like to connect with them to exchange information and ideas and knowledge and experiences. Life is best lived to the fullest and not be in categories. I will ONLY look at what I want and not be involved or learn from anyone else. hahahah.

What are your thoughts?

TheServantofGod Nov 20 '17
I agree.

Hi my name is Abraham Solomon (Mark)

I live at this time in San Antonio Texas, if anyone wants to meet up and chat let me know or drop me a line with chat.

G-d Bless

Noblequest Jan 22 '19
I have been saying so for a while. Even wrote a bit anout the notion of in person gatherings in my blog a bit last night. 

I think other than the obvious benefits of making friends with like-minded people and developing a support network, I really do think something like a  small polygamy convention / matchmaking Festival will be a ton of fun.

 sorry single guys but the way that I imagine it you would be on the outs. Couples single ladies and polygamous families all able to get together hang out  in a big cookout sort of environment, see if anybody had any compatibility and whether or not lasting long-term friendships could be made.   People that are content experts on various related subjects could talk  on them...the proverbial old hands could potentially meet several new couples and single ladies and perhaps help to introduce one to another and act to facilitate the process of getting to know each other. 

Just spitballing totally non thought out notions that are probably unrealistic today but maybe not as much as the plural marriages continue to become more common.

cwc419 Feb 11 '19
I agree, the more that polygamy becomes mainstream the more others will be looking for a community that can support them.
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