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CinAndJes Sep 16 '17
What is a sister wife and what is the difference between that and a bi sexual relationship? What is the preference?
Celticwarrior Sep 22 '17
Depends on the culture from what I'm able to research
CinAndJes Sep 22 '17
Yeah same here
donb Feb 15 '19
As I understand it a "sister wife" is someone who is only physically intimate with the male in the relationship. A "bi sexual" relationship is when the all partners are physically intimate with each other. So an example of a "sister wife" scenario would be me (husband) having a sexual relationship with my wives independently. One wife never with the other. A "bi sexual" scenario would be my wives having a sexual relationship with each other and not with me present. Otherwise that would be more like a threesome. I wonder if this helps. 
cnystrom Apr 22 '19
A "sister wife" is a common term for two women in a polygynous relationship which the type of polygamy between one man and multiple wives. Typically in this relationship the wives are no bi-sexual and do not have sex with each other, just the man. Most faith based polygamist (Judeo/Christian) practice this form of polygamy.

If a man and two women are all in a marriage relationship where they all have sex together that would be considered group marriage which some consider a different form of polygamy.

Polyandry is polygamy where there is one woman and multiple husbands. It is very rare.

donb Apr 23 '19

Wife Chris: I believe the term commonly used to describe a woman with multiple husbands is "Brother Husbands."

maeztro Dec 10 '19
Don't overlook the permanent or at least long term implication of the terms "wife" or "husband." A bisexual relationship can be fleeting and casual. A sister wife is an integral part of the family.
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