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donq2 VIP
donq2 Apr 6 '18
what is everyone's favorite band.
TexasJD Apr 21 '19
There are so many good ones its difficult to choose just 1. Metallica is on the list for sure. Five Finger Death Punch Rammstein. I could go on and on
samantha13 Jul 20
I listen to All That Remains, Breaking Benjamin, Bullet For My Valentine and Avenge Sevenfold the most but of those Breaking Benjamin is my favorite. I tend to lean more towards heavy metal with hints of punk rock
Sorry all but none of this is "heavy" metal. If you want to discuss heavy metal I would suggest bands such as....


Between the buried and me

Thy art is murder 

Pierce the Vail

The black daliah murders

Cannibal Corpse

Behemoth..... I could go on but this is what heavy metal looks like today.

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