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theoneo May 20 '19

You can't describe a person completely by categories, or even unique attributes, and some attributes are more important to some than others. There's a high chance that something important to them has been mentioned in their profile, but currently we can't find out without reading the profile, and there are soooo many profiles!

Feature request 1: A "keyword search" function

Basically, it searches every profile description for a word.  I've seen this on a couple of other sites and it works really well. It's not too hard to implement and, like I said, the benefit is huge. 

Feature request 2: A "keyword watch" function.

By that I mean an optional list of keywords in your match settings that notifies you of their profile if someone puts any of those words in their profile. It could help the right people find matches sooner, and brings people back to the site if they're dormant because they're in a minority that's not in one of the categories or attributes. I understand this is harder to implement than just a keyword search.

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