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theoneo May 20 '19

As has been discussed before, one of the great thing about Sister Wives compared to other sites is the community.  It's more than just a dating site.  It's a site for groups, discussion, support, and even real-world events.

There's a mantra in the non-monogamous lifestyle community down here: "To make a relationship work, you have to communicate, communicate, communicate, and if that doesn't work, communicate some more."

In that vein, I'd like to suggest we bring site discussion into the forums.  It brings people back, and makes it feel more like a community rather than site administrators vs audience.  Plus, it means people can see if and when things are going to be added and changed.

Specifically, I'd like to suggest a new forum under "General" called "Site Discussion".

Topics for this section would include:

- Site development announcements (hey there's this new feature!)

- App announcements

- Non security-related bugs and quirks (When I try to click button x it's greyed out.)

- Feature requests (i.e. I have this great idea for a new feature!)

- Policy-related questions and discussion (i.e. "Why do forum posts require approval?")

There should, of course, be a pinned note in this new forum saying anything related to security or private matters should be directed via "Contact Us".

Please consider adding "Site Discussion". :-)

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