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Txwife1813 Feb 22 '19
I'm Shayna and just wanted to say good morning to everyone.
JingoFamily Feb 23 '19
Won't touch us in Dallas. Been a boring winter marked only by unusually frequent rains. I have yet to even wear a coat.

As much as I love Texas and embody the Texas stereotype, I do wish for real seasons and watch other parts of the country with frequent feelings of envy.

JingoFamily Feb 24 '19
Sounds nice.

I have not spent much time in Arizona to date and the times I have driven through I have only seen a tiny amount and it is not enough yet for my mind to draw up enough images to keep me from thinking the whole state is not unlike Monument Valley even though I am fully aware that is not the case at all. 

Don't know if we would/Will ever leave Texas...I suppose the best solution is for me to come up with enough money to have a few homes across the state's so we can shift with the seasons. I know one of my wives has convinced me that having what is called a great camp on one of the Finger Lakes in NY sounds like an awfully nice way to spend summers for example. 

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