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JingoFamily Jan 14
I asked this question in another forum recently but I thought it a relevant enough question to ask here as well.

So, presuming that we are all here for the same purpose ie finding the right new spouse, what are your hard limits?

What about a person will 100% make it impossible for there to be a match? 

cwc419 Jan 18

The only thing I know that would make a 100% impossible match would be the inability to communicate. If you can't speak to someone it's 100% likely that there is not going to be a match.

However, with that said, WITH communication, and the fact that personalities have many facets, relationships can be determined if they fit or not based on how each are honest in what they want for the relationship. I have also come to find out that the 'lists' we create to have others fit in, does change over time. I think 'hard limits' are put in place as soon as you meet someone. You read a profile and you say, nope not for me. It's the 'negotiable limits' that become the battle ground that determine if a relationship will work or not.

jxssarose Jan 18
Agree with the poster above but also adding: Someone who doesn’t truly value a plural relationship or see it as being as valid as non-plural would be a hard limit. This isn’t to say that someone who is curious about plural relationships with no first-hand experience is a hard limit but rather someone who isn’t certain that plural relationships can offer everything that a non-plural could.

If that makes any sense at all, lol.
JingoFamily Jan 21

If someone is clearly just wanting to "try it out" or jumping in on a whim...no thanks. Looking for marriage rather than being as someone's kookie experiment that they did that one time.

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