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I know. That's a heavy topic title, huh.

I like to be entertained just like anyone. Action, scifi, disaster movies, etc. Not so much blood and gore stuff.

But, my point is, I wonder how many people notice all the prophetic undertones in modern movies.

Like the other day, I decided to watch the new "Superman" again. The first time when it came out, it was for entertainment. But, the second go around I noticed a lot of stuff I had not seen the first time.

Superman is a modern story of Christ. Here we have a "father" named Cal-El. El is short for Eholim, which means God in Hebrew. He sends his son with the Codex of life, the word of God, magically imparted into him as a baby to make a journey to earth, a picture of Jesus being born on earth. He knows his earthly dad is not his real father. He is blessed with powers that makes him more than human. He is concerned, the world will reject him and not understand him. He has to save mankind against an antichrist figure, that seeks to destroy the world and bring about his own kingdom, the Beast.

I mean, come on, I could go and on and on. These new movies are esoterically inspired to give you a subconscious impression of a coming unfulfilled prophecy. Accident? I think not. I see this Messianic pattern over and over.

Food for thought, huh.
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