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TheServantofGod Jan 14 '18

I am seeking a woman who is willing to help raise my son who is 2 years old, I meet his mom 4 years ago and she seemed to be fine but at this time she had been taking her meds. But now shes unwilling to take her meds and is not even to take care of our son or her self, her mother helps us but we need someone soon. 

I seek a woman who has never married nor had kids who is willing to Obey G-d and All Holy Laws. We are Jewish Believers in The Son of G-d. We keep The Sabbath and keep Kosher and we do not take part in Chistmas or Easter but we do keep Passover and All Holy Days of G-d.

I will say a Prayer.

Oh Lord Lead us someone strong and who is of G-d and is willing and able to help us and become part of our family.

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TheServantofGod Oct 25 '18

I wanted to Update this post.

First, I am writing on my Smartphone using a wireless keyboard so its hard to see what I'm writing.

But, I will try to make sure I check my spelling so it's easy to read. Let me start with where we (me & my son) are now and what we are looking for, his mother has become mentally unsafe to be around us and so far no med have done any good. Me and my son is living in our 2007 29' Class A RV, it's a very nice RV that we travel Nationwide. We are also open to travel to Canada as well. My wish is to buy land all over The U.S and put tiny houses so we are always close to home, we need a loving mother and wife/wives this will help with my son who is needing a mommy and caregiver as well allow me to have some free time to do business. I want to empower each wife to be able to create there our business ideas as well, as a family we can help build and grow our family. There are so many areas you can fit and each area will be an awesome part to our Family.

I Believe in G-d and that we must Obey but G-d Loves us and Gives us Grace so we can make mistakes as we do every day, so will I give forgiveness and grace to all my children and wives and hope they will be forgiving to me in my downfalls. As a Family, we are not trying to look down at you but to pull each other up to do better.

Here are some areas you can take part and help.



Custom Pants:

Dress Shoes:

Care Giver for our Children:

Design your own Idea:

I am a person who wants to help people and Save The Earth!!!!! So everything we do should be for The Good of All People with Love.

But I have Religious Restrictions:


1.Must be Believers in G-d and His Messiah.

Why? Because I and all my children must be servants of G-d.

2. None of my family can drink or smoke anything that can make him or her drunk or high.

3. have no other gods.

4. All of my sons need to learn to be Teachers (Rabbis)

5. All of my girls need to learn to teach our younger children and their children.

6. We should travel The World to Teach G-ds True Word.

7. Help The Poor Worldwide and Teach them to be Fishers of Men.

8. Restore Truth and Love to All People.

Wives must never have been married.

Why? G-d will not allow me to take another mans wife, the only way I can is if he passed away and was a Teacher of G-ds Word.

Wives can't have children they gave birth too.

Why? G-d will not allow me to have wives who have had kids.

A. If a Woman has a child and she did not give birth to that child that is fine. 

B. Woman who has had children and the father is:

1: A non believer (This is a Man who does not believe in G-d of Abraham) and has passed away.

This is okay because from a Godly point of View any marriage would no longer be if there was a marriage and that woman would be free to marry again. The only thing is she would be a Concubine she still is like all The Other Wives but is called on Marriage Lic as a Concubine.

C.If the Woman has had a Child and The Father was a Teacher of G-d it is fine.

But if a woman (was/is) married and he belives in G-d with or without child I am unable to marry her because G-d forbids me to do so.

But I have no limites on Race, Age, Weight but we must be willing to Learn and Obey G-d.

We can not take part in Christmas or Easter because they are not of G-d, but we do Believe in The Holy Days of G-d that all can be found in The Bible.

If you are looking to build and grow a Hugh Family that will do its best to love each other and help Save The World then this is the place for you.

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