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I am seeking a woman who is willing to help raise my son who is 2 years old, I meet his mom 4 years ago and she seemed to be fine but at this time she had been taking her meds. But now shes unwilling to take her meds and is not even to take care of our son or her self, her mother helps us but we need someone soon. 

I seek a woman who has never married nor had kids who is willing to Obey G-d and All Holy Laws. We are Jewish Believers in The Son of G-d. We keep The Sabbath and keep Kosher and we do not take part in Chistmas or Easter but we do keep Passover and All Holy Days of G-d.

I will say a Prayer.

Oh Lord Lead us someone strong and who is of G-d and is willing and able to help us and become part of our family.

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