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theoneo Jan 23 '19

Just thought I'd say hi.  I've been in the poly* community here in Australia (and Canada, and the U.K.) for awhile.  I've always been polygamous because I'm very loyal and have a high productive energy.  I'm vegan because of my principles and beliefs, but I keep those to myself unless asked.  I have a relaxed attitude to life, but with strong values, hard work, perseverance and hope. 

I'm also well educated in most faiths, and I appreciate and enjoy the company of anyone who respects others. :-)

I'm here to smile at people, encourage fun, and make the world a happier place. :-)

I've wanted nothing more than to build a family; to provide and care for wives who are close to each other, and together to raise our vegan children in a joyful and compassionate environment with healthy masculine and feminine role models.  I'm quite good at keeping the mood up no matter what happens in life. :-)

Obviously, we're all spread widely, but luckily I'm able to travel, and I do so frequently. So if you want to meet up for coffee say hi! :-)

I'm also on other polygamy sites, and a couple of co-parenting sites (from the angle of promoting polygamy as a good environment for having children), also.

Nice to meet everyone! If you hear of someone who's vegan and interested in polygamy, mention my profile to them, please. :-)



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