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TheServantofGod Nov 13 '17

If you are in Texas and soon other states and looking for work Kosher Solar is looking for you!!!!!

I believe to grow your larger family you will need a larger pay check and Kosher Solar is All About Paying people well.

We hire both Men and Women 18 plus.

Kosher Solar is a 100% Off Grid Solar Panel Company that pays 10% on Total Installs thats about $3,800.00 on a basic Intall.

Now lets say you want 4 Wives? You should make 4 sales a week and be able to pay all your bills very easy because you would make about $15,200.00 per Month.

Now if you have a lot of sale and management you can apply for a Sales Manager and make 2% off everything your Sales people make and 12% off everything you sale yourself.

Solar Installer:

New $50 per hr 1 per team.

2 Years Installer $150 per hr 5 per team

Electrician's license (Lead Installer) $150 per hr 1 per team.

Contact me below for more info.

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TheServantofGod Nov 14 '17
Benefits: Ask for more info.

Legal Protect

Health Ins

401-K type programs

Company Car



Family Growth Plan (We want to help you grow your family, this will help you make sure you know who you meet before handing out money to a fake.) We will also give a yearly paid membership to

We care about our workers and we treat each other like Family.

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