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liljesscole Jul 10 '17
Hello everyone,

My name is JEssica or Jess for short. I am a single mom of 3 kids all girls between 12 and 16, I am looking to get involved in a situation where the relationship would be outgoing and open and involved, but im not sure how i can explain this to my daughters. Are there any other couple or parents out there with advice on this? Maybe you was once in this situation. Just looking for overall general advice on them being involved in something like this. 

TroyH Jul 12 '17
Good luck with everything.
janicep Mar 7
well Jessica I think you need to be upfront and truthful with them let them know before you go into something get their input we talked to our son and explained to him and he is actually excited about meeting new people and possibly a new member of the family the only down side to it is if they start liking a person and it don't work out but it is better to let them know what your plans are up front so there are no surprises later on
3ofakind Mar 18
Hello Jessica.  As a woman I'd have to say that you know you daughters much better than any other. So I would think you should set the pace. For us we would like to get to know everyone on a friendly basis and if you think things are going in the direction you want then you can start to slowly ease them into a conversation. Most importantly don't let anyone pressre you into doing anything that dosent feel right to you.  

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