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TheFam Jun 28
1. Why do so many single women want men to accept their children, but at the same time that same woman wont accept a man's Mistress? Generally speaking


2. why do many, not all bi-women identify as bi sexual but not accept polygyny?

It is not my intent to be disrespectful, tasteless, or rude. Just honest chat...

Id rather just be apart of it than have him have a mistress but thats just me
Polywifen Jul 10
Are we comparing a woman's children to a man having another unrelated sexual partner? Is that a real question?  

Why would a bisexual woman be favourable towards polygyny? Her sexuality has nothing to do with HIS marriage style?  I am sorry but these questions are pretty random and don't make sense without  further context.

TheFam Jul 11
It is a question that I am asking. It is life. And family is family.

I see it as if I can accept what you have going on then you should be able to accept what I have going on. Its a platonic question about acceptance of what you come to the table with in polygyny. Several women have asked me to leave my primary consort to be with them And there children. Strange.

Why would a bisexual woman be favorable towards polygyny. I ask the same. I have also meet women who identify as bi say that they would not mind being with me but don’t want to live polygyny.

So some women can can Go back and forth with women or men but can’t see polygyny as a viable option. It’s just strange to me.

There is no right or wrong answers just a few questions of curiosity, because this place is dead.

Thank you for the response
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