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JingoFamily Feb 23 '19
Paint for us all who will be reading here on the site a picture of your ideal future and how a plural marriage plays its role in that picture.

It could be how you imagine your relationship with your spouses (shouldn't the plural be spice? Hmm) and whether you are living under one roof or living in  multiple homes. It could be the number of adults and children... if doing kids then hit us with names you have in mind. It could be how you imagine spending a day twenty years from now. Maybe just what you think it would be like when the whole clan loads up for a big shopping adventure or maybe how you see a vacation.

For me I don't have a particular number of women in mind. Maybe we will meet someone new some day who meshes with us and maybe not. No particular number of children but I do know that since we have gotten started on that road I am enjoying being a father and do want more kids. We like all sorts of names but just not the modern made up ones that are so hip currently. We are under one roof now but maybe that will change as we grow. In fact, I saw an interesting couple of houses for sale in Oklahoma recently that got me to thinking. It was a couple of large older homes in the historic district of this town that had a very nice breezeway constructed between the homes so as to connect them. It seemed an interesting notion. Privacy and personal space for each wife but still very much connected. I have also thought that an apartment of a thousand square feet or so with its own living room and kitchenette as separate wings coming off of a primary hub of the main body of the house might work out well also. 

For me, regardless of the specific configuration, I would like for it to be on a few acres away from town a bit with room for several children to run and play and be kids without as many of the concerns associated with them running wild in the cities. I grew up on a fair amount of land and I would like for my kids to have the same sort of freedoms that I enjoyed only with several siblings and a handful of loving parents .

So hit us with your vision. Paint that picture for us.

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