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JeffandMelinda15 Mar 2 '20
My husband and I have sadly came across a scammer over the past week on this site. I actually watch a Youtuber by the name of Kitboga so I figured it out before it was too late but I have a feeling that she will be back looking for the next couple to try and scam. <p style="margin:0;">The profile she was using here has been deleted and she said it was her that removed it when she met us. We started talking with Mary Annan on Tuesday night.  She said she's from Rhode Island, almost 34, her birthday is 3/6 that she lives with her aunt and is going to school for nursing. after a couple of days of her and I talking I felt secure enough to pass her onto my husband for them to start getting to know each other. Friday I asked for her address to send her a small something for her birthday and she said all she wanted was a steam gift card.  Well that sparked red flags in me. As I said I watch Kitboga and he calls and wastes scammers time to keep them from being able to scam others. He also gets information about the person and turns them into the law. So I asked her if she heard of him, she said no and asked about him so I told her about scammers. Well she didn't react like the scammers I've seen so I felt horrible and apologized. she accepted and we moved on. I did run her name, number and email through a search site I pay for and absolutely nothing came up on her. Then again nothing came up when I ran my husbands name so I tried to forget about it.  Then today after both my husband and I finally getting to talk to her on the phone she tried to pull the scam. Her and I were chatting over messages and she asked I waked my husband up because she needed to talk to him. She then started telling us she wanted to talk with us daily on the phone but she had a problem with her phone not being able to update and then asked that he send her $100 steam gift card.  He told her no, that he wasn't comfortable with sending her that much money when he hardly knew her. She got upset told him that he wasn't treating he aas a wife. Well she's not a wife, not even a girlfriend at this point.  It's only been 5 days of talking on messages and 1 phone call. He then told her that I handled the finances and she completely stopped talking to him. She would only reply to me. She asked me how much I could send her. I told her that I wasn't going to be sending her any gift cards or money because I didn't know her and we've never met her in person.  She then went on to say that she would fly out here this Friday and spend the weekend with us. We found that odd because she couldn't afford to fix her phone but could afford hundreds of dollars to fly across the country.  She tried to say that she was booking the flight but still needed the steam card to get her phone working. We have now cut ties with her but I wanted to warn everyone about her so hopefully nobody ends up scammed. I have pictures of her that I can share if that's allowed. The phone number she uses, the email and her hangouts app name. </p><p style="margin:0;">Sorry this is so long but please be careful everyone.  This process is hard enough with finding the perfect match without adding scammers into the mix now. </p><p style="margin:0;">
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Chris Mar 2 '20
I have removed this profile quite a few times the ine yoy have mentioned i would also advise not to ever send money or gift cards to anyone. We keep close eyes on this site If you ever see anyone that is doing this olease Let us know
theoneo Mar 11 '20
Unfortunately with the prevalence of pictures available through things like "friends-of-friends" on Facebook, detecting a scammer just from photo or name in a database is near impossible. But a basic understanding of how they work can help. Scammers always try to get you off the site and onto somewhere that can't be linked to their profile which keeps their profile "clean", so keeping the conversation here allows the scammers to be detected and reported more effectively. The site's instant messaging is just as good as Facebook and also has video, but you don't risk revealing your personal details. Basic "rules" like don't send money (or anything that could be easily sold) are effective, but also don't accept money either (see the "bank mule" scam)! Anyone who is genuine shouldn't be making any demands at all, let alone before you've met in person and had "the talk". I always offer to meet in person as early as possible even if it's on the other side of the world, but I also make the date some time in the future (relevant to distance) again to detect impatient scammers. Finally, don't forget that even in person someone could be a scammer. I had a friend many years ago who travelled back and forth to a foreign country for someone. She insisted that they not sleep together until they were married. When Australian immigration interviewed her, she found out that she couldn't get into Australia with their (overseas) marriage license without going through the proper process and suddenly she called off the wedding and told him that she had been paid to create a false passport to sell to someone. Stay safe!
texasfarmcouple Oct 14 '21
Well, only a week and we've already had one catfisher.  Says she's from AZ but based on the times she is 'up' I think Eastern USA more likely.  Keeps sending the same pics; won't chat via VOX but uses txt with her 'phone number' quite freely.  'Do you love me and miss me' and requests for explicit sexting etc within 72 hrs of Hi!.  Figured her game out after 24 hours; she has quite the list of 'friends'.  Oh well...  When we blocked her she started to spout abuse and crap...  Tres Amusant!

JingoFamily Oct 25 '21
That last one sounds like a creepy guy trying to play games to get his weird jollies.

If people give a bad vibe you should absolutely walk. 

texasfarmcouple Oct 27 '21
And yet ANOTHER scammer.....  Talks you up and then block and ghost when it comes to IRL.  What she's looking for is validation/approval/desire from people.  The profile starts with health issues and then its a cane... then its a walker... then its a wheelchair... has to have a aide to cook and clean yet has 10 cats and 2 dogs... it goes on and on.  Not as bad as some, but is just fishing and game playing - dont waste your time.

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