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TheServantofGod Nov 20 '17

My Jewish name is Abraham Solomon and I seek to grow a very large family, along the way I want to create meaning to design companies based off each wives ablities and later our chilrens as they grow so we will be able to teach them to the skills to grow their large families. I want a hierarchy this is so First Wives will become overseers and interview all newer wives and teach skills they have learned. 

Just like my First Son will be next in charge so will my sons be in other over their House, each Wife will be called a Tribe so if a First Born son is named Elias his family line will be called The Tribe of Elias. 

First of First Sons will be Head of All Tribes and First of each Tribe will be as V.P's and their younger bothers will be like Statesmen.

First Daughters will be Teachers of younger sisters and if they are 18 teen can teach their brothers if their brothers are 12 and under.

If you want more then simply a larger family and seek to do much more then please contact me.

Abraham (Who will have more descendants then the Stars)

Solomon (Who had many wives)

I will have a house and in this house will be many rooms and many levels of wives to keep order and strong and this house shall last a Millennium till the Return of The Mashiach (Christ).

I only take part in Holy Days not man made holidays, so no christmas or easter but Hanukkah and The Passover of The Mashiach (Christ) and other Bible Based Holy Days like Sabbath on The 7th Day Saturday is The Day of Rest.

But don't worry with all the kids we will have there will many Birthdays and Fathers and Mothers Day will be Hugh Events.

I do not Drink nor Smoke and no one in my House can take part in this as it is a sin.

Every wife will have their spot or spots they will cover and as a group we can do many Great Things.

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