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cwc419 Jan 5
I, being a part of a couple, am interested in learning what the point of view of single women, particular on this site, see.

Are you bombarded when you sign up? Is it a casual event or more intense?  What things do you find enjoyable, what things do you find intimidating? 

Are there things that you would say, as a single looking for a plural relationship, to couples about their approach? Is there something you wish they would do better? 

JingoFamily Jan 5
Good on you... I have intended to make just such a post. 

From women I have talked to it is quite a mixed bag but one thread that seemed to run through a great number of them was that the relationships being proposed might be more at home on a site focused on peoples bedroom kinks than one with marriage as the entire point.

It will be interesting to see what the women have to say.

cwc419 Jan 6
Yes, we have run across the same thing. It is really odd how the sex in a relationship is the primary factor to some, before even figuring out if there is anything in common about daily life.
JingoFamily Jan 6
Bingo...the sex seems to be the Only thing on peoples mind. Bloody tiresome frankly. Whether it is part of a search or if it is in a conversation about plural marriage with friends and family. 

I don't know about the rest of y'all but while yeah intimacy within a relationship is great and important, I really don't think it is the first thing people should be considering. I am more interested in whether or not I am on the same page on so many other topics with a woman before it seems appropriate to discuss nookie. At least figure out if you genuinely like like someone first.

CrohnieOwnie Yesterday, 07:41PM
Well it is similar, couples more interested in my bedroom preference or ask about my medical, if there are things that make me “limited”, that is very discouraging. I am an upfront person, as much as I can be, but for my health, I can’t move or change myself because it might be a bump in the road. I had to make a medical decision to have a better quality of life than the alternative. The alternative bring six feet under.

So I’m picky because of that.
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