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Noblequest Jul 18
It seems like every time we log on recently there is another 'Hi, my name is blah blah difficult to read name and I am from the other side of the planet but you have caught my eye and you should email me at'

Fortunately to date they are all profiles that have always been caught and deleted before we managed to see the emails so I am happy to see the mods catching them/reacting to complaints. 

I know it has got to be frustrating for the families who are looking for a sisterwife to receive apparent interest and find it to be an obvious hose job.

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ParadiseRanch Jul 30
We have been on here for around a year, and honestly the last 6 months has been a complete waste of time and money.  Weeks of logging in and, either no new female members or if there are, they are obvious fakes after the first few messages.
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