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JingoFamily Jul 18 '19
It seems like every time we log on recently there is another 'Hi, my name is blah blah difficult to read name and I am from the other side of the planet but you have caught my eye and you should email me at'

Fortunately to date they are all profiles that have always been caught and deleted before we managed to see the emails so I am happy to see the mods catching them/reacting to complaints. 

I know it has got to be frustrating for the families who are looking for a sisterwife to receive apparent interest and find it to be an obvious hose job.

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ParadiseRanch Jul 30 '19
We have been on here for around a year, and honestly the last 6 months has been a complete waste of time and money.  Weeks of logging in and, either no new female members or if there are, they are obvious fakes after the first few messages.
3ofakind Aug 19 '19
It's always been this way. We've been on and off the site for five years and have yet to meet one lady in person.  They usually can't get passed my wife with all there drama. 
JingoFamily Aug 20 '19
This is why I am more fond of the notion of a large in real life two day picnic in the park style gathering of the clans so to speak. A get together of lots of plural families for catching up, meeting and networking. An opportunity for the singles to meet families in person and see how the dynamics of plural marriage are expressed in at least little bite sized chunks. Some separate small scheduled talks where say all of the plural wives could sit down and take questions from the single ladies or the ladies who are on board with finding a sisterwife.and The plural husbands could give advice and pointers to the husbands seeking their second wife on how to manage the upcoming bumpy process. There could be matchmaking opportunities wherein after getting to know a single woman she might be told oh you have got to meet the so and so family, you have so much in common etc.

This is all predicated of course on legal issues and a tonne of people being willing to get off their backsides and do things. There is another site that is more a networking site and not at all a dating site that has yearly gatherings so it is possible. 

3ofakind Aug 21 '19
Many years ago there was a chat site we all gathered on and chatted about who we've met and who were facks, etc. We were always talking about a camping trip but it never came to fruition.  There are many camp grounds here in Northern California that can be rented for events. I'm all for the idea if you could get more people on board.  
JingoFamily Aug 21 '19
I would not have any issue with working on organizing something beyond my own sense of innate caution. Some would say I am paranoid but that would just make me assume that they are blind or very new. There are people with an ax to grind when it comes to plural marriage who would take the opportunity to doxx pligs in an attempt to hurt them be it their employment or child protective agencies or family who may be unaware. There is nothing wrong with plural marriage between consenting adults obviously ...not nearly as different from monogamy as people think really. Anyway, my fear would be how to vet people. How do you exclude lunatics and just plain assholes?

I have toyed with the idea in the past as there are a decent number of practicing plig families in Texas and one of the other sites that is far more focused on the religion side of plural marriage than actually interests me regularly has gatherings in Texas. So I figure I could put something decent together but there is that cautious streak...

TheServantofGod Sep 21 '19

I am working extremely hard to create a Nomadic Community a mix of RVer's to People who just travel from area to area to have true freedom, I also want to bring forth a whole lot more.

I know how hard it is to meet real women who want an honest loving plural marriage so I know how frustrating it is that's why I'm trying so hard to open my RV Resort to hold events, right now we start in Texas then move to every state and want to promote Legal Protection for plural marriage.

I'd love to meet everyone in person so if anyone wants to message me, I think we should all get to know each other better as well. I know this Website is doing good we must stick together!

theoneo Jan 21 '20
LOL @vegemite.
JeffandMelinda15 Mar 2 '20
Well watch out for Mary Annan, she only needs a $100 steam card so she can update her Apple phone ??? No joke just had this happen to my husband and I.  I'm starting to think that none of the girls on here are even remotely interested in becoming a plural wife. They only want attention or your money.  
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