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fresnoken Oct 24 '16
I was just wondering how other couples are doing in their search?  
Badger_Hugs Oct 27 '16
It is very difficult finding a third wife as most women are open to couples. My sisterwife and i are hopeful someone awesome will come around soon enough.
fresnoken Oct 28 '16
Many of the "matches" I get from this site are people I remember on the old site that hadn't been here forever....  I would think that after a certain amount of inactivity that a person would not be considered a "match".  

As far as success, I have been on this site off and on for probably over a year and most have either been people looking for "financial" help, single women looking for a man without the desire for Polygamy or women who say hello and take several weeks when they reply.....  hard to get to know someone with one or two messages that are two sentences long every month. 

I know this type of lifestyle is probably not "common" - such as I am not typically going to find a bar that is a poly bar or neighbors where everyone is living the lifestyle - but I really expected more serious single women looking for a family to join.

SO when I asked the question about others success I was really trying to figure out if it was just "us" or did others find this journey in finding a 2nd wife difficult?  And I want to thank those who replied.

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fresnoken Nov 12 '16
I have the same complaint.  I might ask a hundred questions and spent quality time trying to get to know someone who only replies with one or two sentences and maybe once or twice a week.....   makes me wonder how serious a person can be about finding a match since you can't get to know someone with one or two sentences a week.  Sometimes I think it would be easier to just hang out at a bar and try to meet someone  LOL
LetUsMakeYouHappy Nov 15 '16
No luck either guys a lot of them are playing games I think cuz if someone was serious they wouldn't be so inconsistent ya kno 
fresnoken Nov 16 '16
@LetUsmakeyouhappy:  That is what I think too - someone serious about finding a family and someone to marry doesn't write one sentence a week. lol

PhoenixHydra Dec 7 '16
This has been a problem for us and it has made it even harder because after talking to a few fakes and liars my partner no longer wants to talk to anyone until they commit. I understand she's tired of the bs and being hurt but most women want to talk to her from the start so it has only made the search more difficult.
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Jojo Dec 7 '16
It is hard but it is a equally hard as a single female, Quite a bit of couples believe it will be there rules and how they want to live, yet there is little regard to the lady that will be moving, picking up their lives and relocating away from everything they know especially any with children. What Alot of people dont realize is that there are just as many fakes with couples as there are singles. Some families their partner doesn't even know their looking how would that work out oh hi honey heres so and so shes moving in,   So I get all of your frustration, But in the end you have to keep looking, Ive met some really great families that differences just wouldn't work, and Im talking to quite a few now, I know all of our forever families are out there, I love this site I have never found anything more real. Best wishes on your search to you all.


As4meandmyhouse Jan 8 '17
So, you have had some luck?
robyn Jan 9 '17
If any of these issues are happening on this site please inform us right away. We keep pretty close tabs on what is going on. However, there are things we miss please message us if you run I to issues like this and sending money is a sure red flag. 


Jojo Jan 26 '17
I have found quite a many people through the site here, Some not great matches others I have talked to. I had to take a break for a bit to get a few things in order for me and my daughter, and yes there are some with couples privilege, But I dont blame them, Some relationship work that way its all about what you as a single female/couple are comfortable with. Its like anything else, Where 1 family may not be right for whatever reason another will be. IT takes time alot of it and your not just dating 1 person your dating a couple or a group even if there is no bisexuality. think about years back when people dated just a man or a women in high school or college, it was difficult, now add more people to the mix it becomes sometimes impossible, But in the end its worth it. Just my opinion, I wish you all happy findings


robyn May 4 '17
Gr510 sometimes it can be hard you have to give it a little time I see that you just joined 2 days ago sometimes you have to message a bit for response it's just the way this life works. Keep your chin up you will find what you are looking for. 
robyn Sep 20 '17
I have to say if there are any issues with anyone here on the site we can not help if we do not know who you are referring to, Please contact an admin to look into these things. Every person on this site is checked into. Prior to approval, and if we see anything out of the ordinary the accounts are suspended. there are a lot of people who join and are inactive for a while that is this world of Polygamy.
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Michellestar2 Mar 4 '20
my fiance n i are having not having much luck at all here we are wondering if we should try the old fashioned way and meet someone naturally but that could take forever but this site we got messages but nobody wants to talk after few lines of communication 
LovingCouple Dec 14 '20
It's a supply-and-demand issue. Imagine this: you're a young, cute woman in her early 20s. You see women on Instagram and OnlyFans making livings on simpbux. What do you do: join them, or become a sister wife? The answer is obvious. It's going to be a very rare woman in that position who purposely chooses to seek out a couple. If you think about it, it doesn't make sense without some kind of religious motivation. In the United States, it's not even legal to marry multiple women at once. A young woman would have to opt into a very risky lifestyle without guaranteed health insurance or legal protections normally granted to spouses.
Polywifen Dec 16 '20

Quote from LovingCouple It's a supply-and-demand issue. Imagine this: you're a young, cute woman in her early 20s.

Has it occurred to you that not every person is seeking a 'young and cute woman in her early 20s'?  And that the vast majority of single women on this platform are no such thing?  Also that most of the people who have a successful polygamous relationship have married a woman outside of that demographic  AND that most of the women in that demographic who are poly minded would probably opt to be a first wife or a man her own age and grow in polygamy together than someone twice her age who is possibly already a grandfather?  
Just a thought.

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