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djhomealone2 Jan 10 '17
Jojo Jan 26 '17
I have found quite a many people through the site here, Some not great matches others I have talked to. I had to take a break for a bit to get a few things in order for me and my daughter, and yes there are some with couples privilege, But I dont blame them, Some relationship work that way its all about what you as a single female/couple are comfortable with. Its like anything else, Where 1 family may not be right for whatever reason another will be. IT takes time alot of it and your not just dating 1 person your dating a couple or a group even if there is no bisexuality. think about years back when people dated just a man or a women in high school or college, it was difficult, now add more people to the mix it becomes sometimes impossible, But in the end its worth it. Just my opinion, I wish you all happy findings


TexasJD Mar 28 '17
it is just as difficult for single looking to start a poly family. I figured this site and couple others would help me find what I've been wanting for over a decade.

say what you want but I may have the most difficult time out of anyone here. Not only is it difficult to find a woman willing to start out on this journey with me it's even harder because most women here are wanting someone who is a krisjan. (I use the old norse spelling of the word).

I would absolutely love to find a wife or two that isn't bothered by the fact that I am a polytheist as well as a polygamist 
Gr510 May 4 '17
I'm not having any luck on this site or any others. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. But I feel like it's impossible to find a single girl to be part of my family. We love this lifestyle and have so much love to share. 
robynk May 4 '17
Gr510 sometimes it can be hard you have to give it a little time I see that you just joined 2 days ago sometimes you have to message a bit for response it's just the way this life works. Keep your chin up you will find what you are looking for. 
Gr510 May 5 '17
Thanks for the advice robynk. We definitely plan on keeping at it. It's the life we want to live for sure so we are willing to put in the time and effort to find that special someone to spend our life with. We really like this site and the people we have met so far on it. I know there is someone out there that's meant for us so I have high hopes of finding her.
GoldenSunset May 19 '17
Quote from Jojo It is hard but it is a equally hard as a single female, Quite a bit of couples believe it will be there rules and how they want to live, yet there is little regard to the lady that will be moving, picking up their lives and relocating away from everything they know especially any with children. What Alot of people dont realize is that there are just as many fakes with couples as there are singles. Some families their partner doesn't even know their looking how would that work out oh hi honey heres so and so shes moving in,   So I get all of your frustration, But in the end you have to keep looking, Ive met some really great families that differences just wouldn't work, and Im talking to quite a few now, I know all of our forever families are out there, I love this site I have never found anything more real. Best wishes on your search to you all.


I agree 
Rich16Liz Aug 19 '17

I will reply in 2 parts: This website and then our search overall.

We've recently joined this website so I understand our exposure here is limited... but to be honest it seems most of the replies we get from women are Bots. Replies are vague, when asking them specific questions responses are also extremely vague and not "personal" is probably the best way to say it.  Realizing this a smaller site so a smaller pool of potential interested women but few seem to be real women. At least thus far that has been our experience here.

Our search overall; we're having better luck on other sites, especially those with more people. It takes a lot of time talking with many people and learning about them. We realize our situation is going to make it even more difficult, going from finding a Unicorn to finding THE Invisible Pink Unicorn. To clarify we're not looking for 3sums but a sincere committed relation of having someone join our Life, sex is the least of our concerns. Our age difference, my wife's CuckQuean fetish and me being a single parent with my older children living with us. We knowing just finding a woman interested in US is difficult enough as it took us a lifetime to find each other, now trying to find HER will not be an easy task.... but hopefully worth the reward.

We can't imagine how scary it is for a woman to come into an existing relationship or our 11 year marriage. Having no history with us, no memories, having played no part of our Life if that makes sense? On our side the unknown of how our Love and Marriage will be a year of 5 or 10 years with Her...... But we are willing to find out... willing to share our Lives with her.....

DubbnD Aug 26 '17
my husband and I have tried several sites. We are hoping this is the one. We know an understand it takes time. It took time for my husband and I to fall in love. it will deff take time to fall with a third person. But we are hopeful! Most other sites just want to hookup and nothing more. We want something real and that will last a life time. So best wishes to everyone. There is a special family for everyone here, I just know it!
CinAndJes Sep 19 '17
Wow,  as bad as out might be to say I'm glad my wife and I aren't the only ones having issues finding someone. 
robynk Sep 20 '17
I have to say if there are any issues with anyone here on the site we can not help if we do not know who you are referring to, Please contact an admin to look into these things. Every person on this site is checked into. Prior to approval, and if we see anything out of the ordinary the accounts are suspended. there are a lot of people who join and are inactive for a while that is this world of Polygamy.
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