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Christslave Feb 16 '17
My husband and I hear the news or have a life experience where we agree  that more loving adults in the family situation would have made it a whole lot better. What are your thoughts?
djhomealone2 Feb 25 '17
we feel that a triad even in the older yrs would make life  or death more bearable as we all pass that way sooner or later. As a younger adult with children there are a lot of advantages as well.  Dan
Patriarch Apr 1 '17

I think the benefits are numerous. Obviously, you have more adults who actually love the children in the family as their own regardless of who the biological mother might be.  That means more warm hugs, more listening ears, and more people who care how they act and want the best for them.

Assuming all the mothers have children, you have built in playmates.

Financially....Let's say you have 3 or 4 wives.  One or two could be stay-at-home moms, or maybe work from home in some sort of online business, while the others work outside the home. You then have at least 3 income streams when hubby is included. This would provide more resources than most families have access to. Result..more money on hand for educational or even vacation purposes.

Assuming the wives really do bond ( if they didn't about a short term situation ), they have a built-in support system. They surely would understand each others lives, considering they share so much of them.

Overall, I think the more stable a home and family is, the better for adult and child alike. I think having additional adults that have shared values and truly love each other and the children can definitely add to the stability. A definite win if done right.

AaronandAlysha Apr 12 '17
Quote from Christslave My husband and I hear the news or have a life experience where we agree  that more loving adults in the family situation would have made it a whole lot better. What are your thoughts?
I love your statement, this is what we are trying to est
Noblequest Jan 25 '19
As has been mentioned by others already, the advantages to polygyny are numerous.

- More parents mean more guidance for children up to and including an easier ability to home school if that is your thing

- Potential financial advantages and not just from the point of view of there being more than two adults who could bring in an income but also the freedom to consider one of the parents say finishing an education or putting a career on hold for a bit to get a more advanced degree or training for a new field entirely

- Not all woman might like to have a career outside of the home. Some might enjoy the freedom to lobe and care for her family and nurture those who she loves while ensuring that the family runs like clockwork by being everything from extreme couponer to Martha Stewart, Florence Nightingale and Julia Child all rolled into one.

- More parents also means more security for the children. Should something happen to one or two parents, the children are not orphaned.

- Built in support group right there in the home. You are not only able to turn to just the one spouse. This is a bigger advantage to the women in that they have another woman who will understand their point of view more easily than their husband might.

There are more advantages but these are just some of the obvious ones. Though I guess I should not leave out the most important one of all; more people to love and who will love you. 

cwc419 Feb 11 '19
And don't forget, plural families are God approved.
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