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rob9099 Jan 13 '17

So i wanted to discuss a little about immigration rules and laws if you were to meet a US based woman and want her to move to your family in EU area if you are already married.

This would pose some problems as the normal way of receiving a Residency Permit through marriage would not be possible.

The options as i see it would be a Visitor's permit valid 6 months - 1 year. This is the link for the Swedish Immigration Department:

In the long run i think the only available option would be a Residency Permit through pregnancy of a mutual baby:

Or possibly a work permit, but there would be no guaranties of receiving this

Would like to hear some input and opinions about this subject if anybody has any

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rob9099 Apr 27 '19
yes I believe that would be a valid option
theoneo May 18 '19
I don't know about the EU (and I don't think all EU countries are the same, btw), but...

Here in Australia you can apply for a De Facto status by formally declaring your relationship at a registry office.  Then, a year later, you can apply for them to get Permanent Residency based on the fact that you are now De Facto.  I had a (monogamous) friend do this a few years ago and she told me two interesting things:

(1) He can still be married.  Apparently that's not a limitation, go figure. (-:

(2) He is only allowed to do this twice.  (I found this out because apparently he'd already used this process so he could marry his wife, and so luckily he had one attempt left for my friend!)

Many years prior to Australia legalising same-sex marriage, the Department of Welfare decided to allow people to declare same-sex relationships so that they would class them as a "de facto" couple and only pay couple's benefit, thereby saving the goverment lots of money!

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