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southernsass May 29
I'm not concerned about weight but when someones profile says 160 lbs. I don't expect to get a picture of a 250lb. woman.
theoneo May 29
Maybe the photo is old?  Or perhaps the profile is fake....   Either way, I'd ask them rather than post it on a forum but, of course, if you ask about the weight itself it will probably come across to them as horribly judgemental and probably put them off if they aren't fake.

If you're really interested, I'd perhaps be asking if they have a more recent photo or even video chat?  That way they have an opportunity to say things like they may have been on an extreme diet recently or had surgery or some such.

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southernsass May 30
Don't u think it makes more sense to be honest from the beginning?
theoneo May 30
How have you come to the comclusion that they're being dishonest?  In my experience people are complicated beings that can't be summed up in a profile or dismissed by discrepancies.
southernsass May 30
Because   I had a supposed want to be sister wife lie . Her profile said 165lbs and then she it is really more like 250. So u tell me.
theoneo May 31
Like I said before, I can't tell you.  You have to ask her.  There are plenty of believable reasons for it but I would only be speculating.  Jumping to a position of an accusation of dishonesty is a bit premature, in my opinion.  What I can tell you is jumping to conclusions is a direct impediment to understanding. :-)
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DanSmith Jun 19
I understand your side about feeling duped regarding how someone looks. I have no idea on the background or who this person was, so maybe they really were heavier than they advertised... honestly, I could imagine we all have done that sometimes. Not defending deceitful behavior is that is what it was. Most women I know (sorry, about to give a generalization) REALLY don't want to be honest about weight because it's a social stigma that if you don't fit into a size 6 (or whatever, I'm not an expert on women's sizes) that you're fat, even if your frame and build look really good.

I know for myself that I'm a heavier dude and I don't exactly look like it. I know I carry around extra weight and could stand to lose a few pounds, but I am literally just a denser person (haha, in more ways than one). My skeletal frame and muscle build is just heavier and bigger than the average guy, so I know that even though I'm by most scales and BMI calculators "obese", it doesn't really reflect the truth.

It's possible that she has a tinier frame and build and being overweight 40-50lbs makes her appear that much larger. Or, she really is lying about her weight, which I find most people tend to do.

Anyway, just some thoughts. I'm not going to try and assume what the truth is, it's not really any of my business anyway. 
vegemite Sep 23
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littlebitofnc Nov 12
Honesty is always the best policy. After all, if the person is going to not be truthful in the beginning how can trust be established.  Without trust, a stable foundation can not be built.  TIP:  Use the caption option to note the date/year of photos.  Especially when they are not recent photos.
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