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DakotaRT Oct 19 '18
I'll start. I'm in the beautiful Cape Coral, FL. 45 minutes north of Naples. I'm in search for my forever unicorn. 
JingoFamily Mar 5 '19
We are in the Dallas area in Texas.

From what you see on this site and others, you would swear if Texas were a smaller state we would be nearly all be tripping over each other with as many plig families and families/ladies who are seeking each other are apparently running around here. We must have something good in the water. 

Huneds Apr 27 '19

Atlanta by way of NYC

johnr2 Apr 28 '19
Here in sask Canada
TheServantofGod May 17 '19
I Live in a 40' Foot Class A Diesel Pusher RV with over 200 RV Resorts Nationwide I Travel to and From with wishes to buy land and rent spots to other Travelers. I am a Jew who Believes in The Moshiach. Ask for more information.

Texas to California

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Couple1 Dec 16 '19
We live in Zion, Il we are also looking for a sister-wife I'm 41 my wife is 32.
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cwc419 Dec 23 '19
 Jacksonville, FL here. Nice to meet another Floridian.
yannlion Dec 26 '19
Living in France, back in Louisiana in 2020.

Family spread around the globe, NYC, Texas, France,  Dominican Republic, Gabon (Africa)

Welcome to the world ;-)

John_White Dec 28 '19
From Dallas. Family in Missouri
Bonita4you Dec 29 '19
Houston, TX
Moringa Feb 16 '20
Denmark - Europe :) 
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RickNTristan Mar 3 '20
Hi! I'm from Myrtle Beach SC! New here! 
theoneo Jul 26 '21
Melbourne, Australia.  There's a good little polyamory community here, but not so many polyfidelitists or polygamists.  The whole religious and female abuse stereotype gets in the way of having a sensible discussion about the lifestyle a lot of the time.  I really wish we could raise awareness of women who are in this for love and by choice without presuming everyone's been brainwashed or oppressed in some way.  It can be a beautiful lifestyle when done well - maturely and with compassion and respect for all involved.
Billieelisha4244 Jul 28 '21
Western iowa here. Currently looking for a sister wife
I am originally from Sweden, but presently living in Netherlands
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