why do you want to be in a polygamy relationship? | Forum

Clsamford Sep 30 '19
I want honest opinion from both couples and single women.
vegemite Oct 12 '19
Clearly its for the dialogue, the chatter, the non-stop backwards and forwards, the bubble of conversation, the meeting of the minds...
theoneo Mar 9
I think @StationaryGypsy's blog entry here is worth a read in this context. https://www.sisterwives.com/...t-lasting-sisterhood :-)
Imhopie Mar 10
I personally feel like I have so much more love to give.  I dont want a hook-up. I want Love and Marriage and good friendships. You've got to become friends first, it's got to be about love, honesty, respect.. It's not just about a man it's much more...

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