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Clsamford Sep 30 '19
I want honest opinion from both couples and single women.
vegemite Oct 12 '19
Clearly its for the dialogue, the chatter, the non-stop backwards and forwards, the bubble of conversation, the meeting of the minds...
theoneo Mar 9
I think @StationaryGypsy's blog entry here is worth a read in this context. https://www.sisterwives.com/...t-lasting-sisterhood :-)
Imhopie Mar 10
I personally feel like I have so much more love to give.  I dont want a hook-up. I want Love and Marriage and good friendships. You've got to become friends first, it's got to be about love, honesty, respect.. It's not just about a man it's much more...

samantha13 Jul 20
I'm open minded and I have a big heart with a lot of love to give. Relationships aren't perfect. No one person is perfect. Love is caring for someone for who they are and are accepting and forgiving of their flaws. I've only dated men in the past and though it was barely noticeable sometimes, it always felt like something was missing
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