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Concertsnn Nov 6 '17
How do I converse with wife as she is still unaware of a relationship of polygamy.?
sadiahh Nov 14 '17
I suggest you tell her how much you love her and ask her if would like a companion for both of you to have around the house who might help her.  A woman can be jealous but we are very smart creatures, if we think there is a benefit in a situation we will try to consider it.  She will know you will benefit but if you focus on what she will benefit from that I think things will be easier.  I am not sure about her age but lots of women work very hard to establish what they achieved to include the relationship they built with their husbands and the thought of her having to share that freaks most of us out.  WE invest a lot in a home relation but if we know life is short and let's give it a shot and we will benefit and yet our husband still loves us and shows us he does and talks to us constantly, there is a good chance she will be happy.,  just my humble opinion.  I suggested that on my husband because I think if you love someone you should want him to be happy and in return he will make you happy.  Best of luck 
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