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LifeInCostaRica Apr 22 '17
First, there is NO such thing as perfect...but if there was???

What would the PERFECT Poly Family look like and how would they exist in your mind?

What would cause them to Thrive?
Would there be a pecking order?
Would there be any rules?


This is not all inclusive...but just some food for thought.
I'll answer my own question on the first post...

I'm would like to hear your story and thoughts.

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LifeInCostaRica Apr 22 '17

A day in the life of a Perfect Poly Relationship.

It's 5 am and the first wife is quietly crawling out of bed in hopes of not waking her husband, lover and best friend.

She goes into the kitchen to fix a pot of coffee, grabs her bible and is headed to the porch where she can enjoy quite time with God. She is enjoying the morning, watching wildlife come alive as she enjoys her coffee-time with God.

Later, about 6:30 or 7, husband finally crawls out of bed. Grabs his bible, and quietly ask his wife if she needs a refill on her coffee in hopes of not disturbing Sister-wife who is still asleep in the other room.  She replies "Of course my love." and he brings her a fresh cup with a hug and a kiss.

They sit together, reading and sharing tid-bits about different things they've read or what God has spoken to them about.

Meanwhile...Sister-wife is awakening and intentionally stops by the porch to say good morning. Greets the wife with a hug and a peck on the cheek, and gives her husband a passionate kiss, while the the first wife grins as she looks on.  (Maybe this is Sister-wife's way of teasing him... as she knows tonight she gets her personal time with him.)

Sister-wife ask if she can get either of them anything from the kitchen before joining them on the porch.

Sister-wife returns shortly surprising everyone with a bowl of fresh cut fruit. Sister-wife really enjoys working in the kitchen and for wife #1, she's thankful as she doesn't enjoy cooking, but enjoys helping in other areas of the home.

They sit together, enjoying each other’s company, chatting and making plans for the day.

As the morning progresses, it’s time to get the day started. The wives are getting the children up, preparing breakfast and the husband has already started on his chores around the house, tending to the animals, minor upkeep of the property and taking out the trash.

The breakfast bell rings and the kids are running into the kitchen, EXCITEMENT is in the air…it’s Saturday and no home school lessons. The kids can’t wait to start the day… they know we’re going on a 2 hour hike to swim and picnic by the large waterfall. YEAH !!!

A squabble begins between the children as to who’s sitting where and who’s doing what at the waterfalls …and stop looking at me… NO, you started it… did NOT. Did TOO…

Husband enters the kitchen and as he passes Sister-wife, gives her a love pat on her backside and as she grins from ear to ear. 

Husband turns towards the children and with his authoritative voice says…"That’s enough!” 

The children recognize that voice and immediately comply. 

He reminds the children to bring only what they think they can carry…the hike is long, but the swim at the waterfall is worth it. We’re going to have a GREAT DAY he reminds them!

Peace is restored and now all are enjoying family time at the breakfast table.

The kids are grabbing last minute toys, the wives are double checking the food and items in the backpack. Husband is trying to arrange the heaviest of items for his backpack, grabbing the an extra water bottle and begins sharpening his machete for the trail.

Off they go into the wild blue yonder…onto the beautiful trails, passing rivers, hiking up the mountain on one side and down the other. They spot monkeys, wild turkeys, squirrels and so much more. They identify trees, plants, herbs and plants that can be used for medial purposes.

The sun is raising and it’s warming up fast, however, the frequent breaks in the small pools as they cross each creek has provided time to cool off, rest and has made the adventurous hike fun. 

The large waterfall is only a few minutes away.

They arrive and the view is breath taking, even-though, they’ve seen it many times, it always feels like it’s the first time.

The kids run for the large pool, laughing and screaming the whole way. Sister-wife being younger, has join the kids, as she is laughing and screaming as well.

Wife embraces her husband and says, “Thanks so much for taking the time to bring us on these adventures.” He returns with a passionate kiss and replies, “The pleasure is all mine. I can’t think of any other women I would rather be with than the two most beautiful, loving, caring , compassionate, sexy two ladies that love me, care for me and that I have the pleasure of serving.”

They set up the picnic area, and join the others already having a blast in the refreshing waterfall pool.

After swimming and playing in the pool for awhile…the kids are now asking for food. 

The wives begin preparing for lunch, husband sends the kids off to gather wood for the fire, while he begins gathering the fine kindling to start the flame.

It’s not long before lunch is cook and ready to be served. Husband whistles for the kids and moments later…everyone is gathered around the picnic table as husband leads in a word of thanks and blessings for the meal.

The day is packed with playful water fights, games of chase, hide and seek, and the parents are participating and having fun.

The family is bonding, growing and have a respect for each other as they walk out this journey called life.

In one game of hide and seek, wife #1 sneaks around a big tree in search of some of the kids and finds husband and sister-wife smooching. She is not a bit jealous or threatened as she’s been stealing her own passionate moments though-out the day as well.

She tags Sister-Wife and say…You’re IT ! and the chase is on.

Evening has come and gone. Supper was great and now the sun is setting.

It’s time to gather everything and hike the two hour journey back home. It will be dark long before they arrive, but the moon is at it’s fullest and although they have flashlights…no lights will be needed.

Soon a beautiful, bright moon is lighting the path. At different places along the trail, they stop to admire the millions of stars...and it seems as though God has hand painted another masterpiece especially for them.

They arrive home, tired, exhausted, but feeling so blessed to enjoy the life God has given them.

After showers and putting the children to bed, husband kisses the wife good night and heads to sister-wife’s room.

It’s been another unforgettable day. Both wives have felt loved, and the special moments each had though-out the day has made them feel like they were HIS favorite, knowing that he loves them both equally, yet individually.

Each wife has had the freedom to express her love to him in the way she feels is appropriate around children and around the other wife. No worries that anyone will be jealous or feel lesser than…because their husband does the best he can do to ensure each wife has her needs taken care of, while loving each wife like God loves them….Unconditionally!

The End.

While this may sound like a fairytale story. This is my concept or idea of the Perfect Poly relationship.

I would love to hear your feedback, your opinion, good or bad. Maybe I’m just a hopeless romantic, but I believe it’s possible.

Share what your perfect day is…and don’t feel like you have to write a story like I have…this is just how I can express my thoughts.

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LifeInCostaRica May 1 '17
I'd like to hear your opinion.  Would this be the kind of Poly Relationship you would want to be involve in?  Does your Ideal relationship differ greatly from what I think it would be?  Not judging...just curious as to what you think.
Gr510 May 4 '17
You sound like you have a wonderful life envisioned for you and your sister wives. I hope you find exactly what you're looking for. Mine is pretty similar, only what I dream of is finding a sister wife that would complete our family as a triad and all sleep in the same bed and home. Be a completely equal relationship with our love. I am bi sexual and would want to share my love with both the woman and man and same for them.
LifeInCostaRica May 4 '17
Thanks for sharing Gr510...and thanks for your kind words. I too hope you find exactly what you are looking for and I do believe...We Will.  
LifeInCostaRica Aug 19 '17
Thanks for your opinion and input Rich16Liz.  First...if you took time to actually read the beginning of the post, I say: First, there is NO such thing as perfect...but if there was???

 I started this post as a way to get input and to see if others have an idea of what they see as a perfect (wait better not say perfect, because some people might take it literal) 

What would be an IDEAL day. 

Anyone who is mature realizes that the struggles you go through in life and HOW YOU LEARN from them, Make you bitter or BETTER.
I hope everyone can learn from their challenges, imperfections, and become better by them. 

It is BECAUSE we are individuals that we will always have challenges, but we can learn to become better in spite of them.

What is YOUR Ideal day in a Poly Relationship...Rich16Liz?

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