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We have been searching for a long time, not as long as some couples/families, but for several years, and we have met many who are curious, like the idea, want to try it, say they are all about communication but then never communicate, only to decide the lifestyle isn't for them, or they don't like us, or have lied, cheated, used us, or just disappeared, tried to drive a wedge between husband and wife to be monogamous with just the husband. Is there anyone out there who truly wants to live the plural marriage lifestyle, who will truly communicate, won't play games, won't lie, cheat, use us, try to steal the husband away, who desires to live in harmony as a plural family?! If so, where are you?! We have been searching for you!

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Feb 13 '2020, 9:48 AM
A lot ppl forget that they are very fews good ppl out there now because some ppl are looking for wealth of live instead true love or just wants money instead being truthful about wanting a relationship not everyone fit for this kind lifestyle
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By countryfamily08
Added Sep 12 '2017, 1:36 AM


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